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All over the world there are lots of holiday places, but Maldives travel is very unique for Vacations and Honeymoon. Maldives was unknown tourists place in 1970s, but today Maldives has become the famous honeymoon island. If you are searching for best place to travel in Maldives, you are at right destination. Check all the Maldives Travel places, resorts here. You can also look at different vacation packages of diving, wedding, honeymoon for your Maldives travel offered at Maldives Exclusive.Contact Maldives exclusive agent to travel best places. Our agents will suggest you best Maldives resorts which will suit you needs and budget.


Maldives Exclusive provides travel and tourism services that specialize in travel to the Maldives.


Maldives Exclusive is your one-stop shop for the ultimate Maldivian experience. We cater to visitors from around the world. Our comprehensive holiday and holiday packages are designed to appeal to the discerning traveler, while at the same time providing the best value possible.


About Maldives Exclusive:

We are experts in Maldivian travel, hospitality, culture and regulatory agencies. We specialize in the following:

  • Leisure Travel
  • Family Vacations
  • Diving Cruises
  • Surfing Trips
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Photography and Videography Shoots
  • Health and Wellness Retreats


Our vision is to become the top travel service in the Maldives.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to grow exponentially through excellent customer service. By building a culture of trust, we will encourage people to experience a vacation beyond their imaginations. We are committed to the preservation of the Maldives eco-system and will work tirelessly to bridge the international community with the Maldives experience in a beneficial way to all.

We at the Maldives Exclusive Private Limited believe that the concept of true partnership stems from three basic principles : trust, value & recognition. 

Trust is the essential ingredient for any long-term business relationship. We hold high standards in the integrity of our business practices. Secondly, everything we do has to have a real value - a value that is clearly visible to our clients, our team and our shareholders. Recognition grows when innovation is used to seek out new solutions that make a real difference to people’ daily experiences. These principles establish Maldives Exclusive Private Limited - they embody all we are striving to deliver.

Organizational Structure
Guided by the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Maldives Exclusive Private Limited is organized into five divisions - Sales & Marketing, Reservations, Administration, Accounting and Airport Services.

Our Management Team
The management team is made up of seasoned professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Our management team nurtures, guides and cultivates the destiny of the company with confidence and competence. Our business principle is to provide our clients with a personalized service of the highest standard. 

Market Analysis and Marketing Plan
Maldives Exclusive Private Limited was established in 2005. Our vision is to be the top travel agency in the Maldives. The company wishes to establish a solid relationship with all the stakeholders and clients in order to fulfill the company’s vision. 

Target Markets
Russia and CIS Countries, China, The Middle East, India, and Europe. We target both B2B and B2C relationships. 

Our Partners & Sales Representative around the world.
Russia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, China, France, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Greece, Kazakhstan, India, Spain, Portugal, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic.