Mujthaba - 03 Apr 2022

Have an Intimate Candlelight Dinner at Soneva Fushi Maldives

 Have an Intimate Candlelight Dinner at Soneva Fushi Maldives Image

The Maldives is known as the place for honeymooners, where couples have intimate moments together in this pulchritudinous island paradise. And one of the best ways to spend private time with your partner in the Maldives is a candlelight dinner at Soneva Fushi. Soneva Fushi offers different types of romantic dining. May it is in the private sandbank diner of this luxury island resort or just within the perimeters of your villa, you name it they have it. Candlelight dinner here can be customized, all you have to do is to plan it well and coordinate with the staff so that you can have the most unforgettable intimate moment with your loved one. 

And women love the romantic way of spending time with their man, thus having a diner accessorized with candles in the middle of the beach? How can a lady not love it? In order for you to have a perfect candlelight dinner at Soneva Fushi Maldives . you may contact Maldives Exclusive where a destination specialist can assist you with your plan in visiting the island. 

As you go along with your planning, things to be considered of course is the food you want to indulge in a romantic setting. Well, Soneva Fushi is best known for having these exquisite cuisines made by international chefs. So what are the foods available here? Well, there’s a menu but you can order bespoke dishes. 

As to the table setting, you need not worry as the hosts here are adept at making a profound dining setup. Having an intimate conversation with the love of your life in an amazing dining setup glowed by the candles surrounding you would definitely leave a mark. Candlelight dinner is not only for couples, it can be done and enjoyed by a group of families and friends. And Soneva Fushi has these dining destinations to choose from


An overwater structure with five dining outlets in the middle of the Indian ocean. 
Asian and international dishes are here with menu highlights of tempura, spicy tuna poke, Nikkei sushi selection among others. 


From the name itself, foods here are freshly picked and made from the garden of Soneva Fushi. Mouthwatering dishes are made extra special by Chef Mads Refslund creating a rare food .dining for the guests. Highlights on the food menu include sour banana parfait, garden fruit platter, grilled squid succulent herbs, braised seaweed and etc.  


Found in the jungle of Soneva Fushi, dining here is an adventure as you get to zipline to the dining tower 12 meters from the ground. And since it is at the top, guests can enjoy dinner while getting mesmerized by the scenic view of the crystal-clear Indian ocean. 
This diner is goof for a maximum of 10 to 12 people from 8 years old and above. Dinning here is available at breakfast lunch and dinner. 

For those who love gazing up at the sky at night, Soneva Fushi has this unique “astronomical dinner cruise”. For three to four (3-4) hours, you get to concentrate your appreciation of astronomy while wondering what’s behind those starts at night while having a good dinner with wine pair. 

Soneva Fushi is in the heart of Kunfunadhoo Island Baa Atoll, Maldives.