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10 Fun Things To Do In the Maldives with Friends

10 Fun Things To Do In the Maldives with Friends Image

It is indeed undeniable that the beauty of the Maldives is romantically captivating, with its absolute luxury and seclusion, perfect to be a part of everybody’s intimate stories to tell. However, its supremacy is never bound and limited to romantic events as the best luxury all-inclusive resorts Maldives can also grant you adventures incomparable to others. The fantastic island of the Maldives is a spot not limited to couples but is a remarkable destination for friends too.

Welcome to the Maldives, where you get to unleash your dauntless character adjoined with luxury and sophistication together with your squad. A plethora of activities are waiting for your indulgence to further strengthen your fellowship ranging from undemanding and cheerful ones to vigorous and daring excursions. 

Top 10 Things to do in Maldives with Friends

Maldives’ best assets are its sparkly dunes of coralline sands and its magnificent crystal-clear azure waters lying perfectly in the tropical region of the world. Surely, when you hear the country’s name – Maldives, a picture of a dream-like beach comes into mind. The private beach resorts in Maldives’ vast expanse of horizon offer limitless possibilities of ways to enjoy its grace.

Here are 10 amazing activities you could do with your friends in the islands of Maldives. 

1. Enjoy water activities

Choose to be vigorous while splashing the turquoise waters of the sea of the Indian Ocean. Water sports is the first thing you should enjoy with your friends in the Maldives.

The Maldives is ninety-nine percent water; and that gives us more room to enjoy the waters and its bounty.

The following are just a few of the best water excursions and activities that we can enjoy far better with our friends.

  • Scuba Diving

The Maldives is nestled with the most bountiful atolls with the best reefs and corals housing a variety of marine creatures that are a sight to behold deep on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Sharing the sights with your friends is like an out-of-this-world exciting adventure. Right below the surface of the sea stands the colorful reefs enlivened with the vibrant marine lives seemingly floating with the sweeping currents of the sea. 

  • Snorkeling Trips

If you want to take it easy and watch the vibrant seabed brimming with vigorous fishes and corals while leisurely drifting with the waves of the sea, snorkeling is the best way to cherish the panoptic view of the underwater world. Take the gang for a snorkeling adventure in the best spots in Maldives with the most abundant reefs and marine lives.

  • Dolphin Watching

You may also choose to lay back with your friends and behold the sights of the dolphins leaping on the waters of the sea. These friendly intelligent creatures never cease to amaze us with their adorable unconfined lifestyle which they boast to humans while splashing the waters in the Maldives. 

  • Surfing in the Maldives

As Maldives is ninety-nine percent waters, they are considered to have the best possibility of barrels and long waves. The waves in the Maldives is not very powerful making it very suitable to all contenders in surfing from newbies to experts, their shoulder-high waves is very friendly, a perfect adventure for the whole company.

  • Cruises and boat rides

Take a boat ride and enjoy the relaxing tropical horizons of the Maldives with your friends and family. There are a lot of facets of the Maldives getaway you can truly behold with a cruise.

If it is not with a cruise, there are boat tours that you indulge with a more customizable inclusion of excursions. This way, you may book a bespoken adventure with your friends.

  • Kayaking

Kayaking in the Maldives has been very popular with the tourists. This water sport is much more amusing when you are together with your squad. Kayaking is very friendly and demands less expertise which everyone can sure execute. Sitting close to the water is a fun and sophisticated way to enjoy the clear waters of the Maldives. 

  • Parasailing

Parasailing is a very enthralling way to enjoy the water and the breeze of the Indian Ocean. Towed by a motorboat while gliding through the air in an open parachute lets you sea the waters and the beach in a brand new perspective. 

  • Fishing

How about who gets the biggest catch among your friends? Maldives let you enjoy fishing catching fresh fish from the waters while all together conserving proper manner of catching sea lives with strict implementation of regulations. Truly, the Maldives is a home to the best big game fishing destination around the world as their waters house the abundance of different pelagic fishes like barracuda, swordfish, wahoo, dorado, and tuna. 

  • Paddle boarding

Be the last man standing among your friends while paddle boarding in the Maldives. It will be a very entertaining experience for you and your friends to do paddle boarding as even the experts in this water sport will definitely plunge into the water from time to time. Build up fellowship and share laughter together as you will all enjoy getting wobbly throughout the activity.

  • Jet skiing

There are Maldives luxury hotels and resort that will lease you water toys like jet skis for your water excursions with your friends. Much more enthralling as you play with your speed drawing flashy lines on the surface of the waters with your friends racing on the sea. Jet ski is yet another way to enjoy Maldives with friends.

2. Eat and Drink

The Maldives is the melting point of its neighboring countries’ cuisines. That alone is a fact that will ensure your culinary journey to be limitless. Together with the top-notch luxury accommodation of every resort, rest assured that your appetizing adventure is only limited as much as your tummy beholds.

Lead your friends to a gastronomic feast around the different cuisines and delicacies served by the remarkable restaurants in the Maldives as each of them offers their signature dishes that will steadily astound you.

You might consider the following lists for your gastronomical adventure with your friends in the Maldives.

Top 5 best wine cellars in Maldives:

  1. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas – offers supreme luxury with tranquility in private over-water villas and manta experience with the award-winning wines in their stash.

  1. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island - THE WINE CELLAR – houses two private islands with gorgeous beaches, spa, and dining experience, all possible with their 15,000 bottles of wine.

  1. Hurawalhi Island Resort – with overlooking views and underwater restaurant with a walk-in wine cellar enclosed with a thousand of available wines to choose from.

  1. Kuredu Island Resort & Spa - Sangu Wine Cellar – housing more than a thousand bottles of premium grade wines in their cellar.

  1. Huvafen Fushi - Vinum Bar – offers international gourmet cuisines with an impressive collection of unusual 600 bottles of wine.

Top 5 of the best restaurants you should feast with your friends

  1. Underwater Dining: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – 16 feet below the surface of the sea, enjoy the sight while feasting on fusion cuisines served with freshness for your dinner.

  1. Thila by Kurumba – at Vihamanaafushi, North Male Atoll,a gourmet restaurant serving continental breakfast meals, contemporary Maldivian grills, tasty decadent desserts for dinners, and a special menu for the kids. 

  1. Sea Fire Salt at Anantara Dhigu – at Anantara Dhigu, you will find this famous fine-dining steakhouse restaurants serving freshly caught fish and grilled meats for your squad to feast on.

  1. Just Veg by Atmosphere Kanifushi – serves a special vegan menu for with surprising flavor combinations from Middle East, Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean regions.

  1. Guduguda at The Standard – at Huruvalhi Island, Maldives, serving the are Maldivian cuisines for everybody to experience authenticity.

Enjoy a culinary journey with exciting drinks and tasty meals with your squad. Just as they say that “Great food and great company are the two life’s great pleasures.”

3. Meet the locals and appreciate cultural activities

One of the best adventure you should experience with your friends in your Maldives getaway is to share memories with the locals and appreciating their culture.

The culture of the locals are influenced by the Indian, African, Arab, and Sri Lankan cultures. Maldivian cultures are showcased in their festivities with traditional music, practices, and dance performances which you can actually enjoy in groups especially as organized by the resorts and staff.

4. Island Hopping Or a seaplane flight

The Maldives is indisputably scenic from beaches, seas, islands, and even under the water.

Bring your friends to an island hopping activity around the islands of Maldives to maximize the irresistible beauty of this destination.

You may choose to have your journey through connective travel by boat or take a panoramic view of the islands above the ground via plane.

Getting visuals of the islands in a birds-eye view is a sight you will never regret.

5. Enjoy beach activities

Since you are with a bigger group, why not enjoy the beach with beach games that you and your friends get to appreciate together.

Beach games like beach volleyball, kiting, and others are few of the competitive games you can play on the glistening dunes of the Maldivian beach.

You may also set up a picnic mat and enjoy al freso setting on the beach while having bite-size snacks with your company while cherishing the beauty of the tropics.

6. Get PADI certified

The Maldives is truly a site for scuba diving that you should give a try. Its incredible marine life and the diversity they are blessed with depicts a picture of a dreamland under the sea.

In line with the attraction they possess, the Maldives houses plenty of dive centers that can give you and al your friends PADI courses that will grant you certification upon completion.

So, take time to upskill with your friends in the gorgeous islands of the Maldives. 

7. Book a spa treatment

We tend to become bolder when we are with our friends. How about taking time to enjoy a peaceful spa treatment after challenging excursions with the whole company.

Sharing adventures with them is truly worth all the time but sharing your peace with them is a memory to hold on as well.

Fortunately, the Maldives just has the perfect resorts and spas that will take care of calming your body and soul for an absolute relaxation experience.

8. Party clubs and Night life in Maldives

We generally picture the Maldives in a daylight setting in beaches with blue seas and green coconut trees in our minds like a typical tropical island. But kid you not, as nightlife in the Maldives is actually something more than we tend to perceive. 

The night life in Maldives presents sophistication and boldness giving a fair balance to the features of the country together with its adventure and romance.

List of the night life activities you should rock with your friends in the Maldives

  1. Jazz Nights And Live Bands – Kurumba

Bring your friends and meet new ones in the most dynamic party pub in th emaldives with different shades for themes along the days of the week. Party like there is no tomorrow.

  1. Jungle Cinema – Gili Lankanfushi

Give new meaning to a theater as you experience Jungle Cinema in Gili Lankanfushi where you can recline and relax watching films and movies with popcorns in a different mood.

  1. Night Fishing – Bandos Beach

Learn the art of serving the bait and see who has the finest skills among the group in fishing at Bandos Beach. Savor the dusky ocean and enjoy the delicious barbecue on seashore with the local music and performances.

  1. Underwater Party – Subsix

Slip right through the ocean of Huluwalu, Maldives and enjoy the night with your friends as you are washed with a blue theme party in this nightclub. With you are the vigorous groupers, damselfish, and butterflyfish on the sides enjoying the euphoria of the party.

  1. White Night Party – Kuredu

Every Friday night at Babuna bar, wear white and rock with your friends. Recreate the vibes of the magical islands of Maldives as you groove with the whole company in the dance floor.

There is a lot more to do at night in the Maldives than this list can provide. Maldives resorts and hotels offer customizing activities and excursions for your booking. 

Definitely, spending the nights with friends is a memory to keep.

9. Photo session

The Maldives has been sought after and highly coveted for its picturesque features that are comparable to fairytale settings.

Romantic getaways, vigorous adventures, and magnificent night events are truly magical and entirely unforgettable. A photo session with your friends is definitely a must when you spend time together in the resorts and beaches in the Maldives.

Truly Instagramable photos and heart-sweeping images will bring you the best tangible memories you

could ever bring anywhere with you.

The resort personnel and staff may also arrange a professional photo session for you and your group to maximize the opportunity of taking pictures of the scenes.

10. Skydiving in Maldives

Indubitably, the Maldives is a destination for diving for friendly interactions with sharks, manta rays and other marine lives. But for the dauntless faction who wish to go on the extremes, sky diving in the Maldives is something that you make you excited about. 

Taking a scenic flight up to the skies and daring an exhilarating free-fall will sure sate the most thrill-seekers.

Skydiving surely give a brand new experience for Maldives.

Top 3 Luxury Resort You Can Enjoy with Your Friends

The Maldives has made a great name being a romantic destination for couples. yet, the Maldives is not bound and limited to that alone. This gorgeous group of islands has a balance of romance, adventure, and nightlife. They offer the best experience for couples, families, and friends.

You may choose to spend your time in luxury with friends and enjoy different excursions and adventures to strengthen your fellowship and build up memories together. 

Here is the best hotels and resorts for you and your friends to enjoy:

Constance Moofushi

The Constance Moofushi hotels and resorts Maldives is a haven in secluded island that houses the perfect combination of luxury and simplicity. Their all-inclusive package presents premium drinks, exquisite cuisine, and luxurious accommodation perfect for the experience of your squad.


Choose from expansive options of room from water villa, sand villa, beach villa, and senior water villa. Each has a minibar, air-conditioning, and a comfortable living space with a television for the whole gang to enjoy.

Dining experience

You get to choose between different bars and restaurants with signature gourmet and exotic recipes with exquisite flavors. You and your friends may treat your palate to a new level of luxurious culinary invasion from À la carte or buffet at any of the restaurants and the expensive choices of wines.

Excursions and activities

Constance Moofushi just has the perfect experience for a relaxing cruise trip for the group, Dhoni Excursions can be arranged with your bookings. Your friends may also lay back in the Constance Spa and indulge in quietness and tranquility above the waters of the ocean. Or set out for a snorkeling experience drifting on the waves of the sea.

Emerald Maldives Resort And Spa

As one of the leading hotels in the world, Emerald Maldives Resort And Spa opulent options of rooms and dining experiences. The resort has harmoniously blended the local environment with the contemporary tropical architecture together with the best interior design for a cozy and tranquilizing ambiance.

You and your friends have the following options for villas. Your rooms are intricately designed for a spacious living space with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and satellite TVs.

Beach Villas

  • Marina Beach Villas with Pool

  • Beach Villas

  • Jacuzzi Beach Villas

  • Beach Villas with Pool

  • Family Beach Villas with Pool

  • Superior Beach Villas with Pool

  • Royal Beach Villa

Water villas

  • Water Villas

  • Jacuzzi Water Villas

  • Water Villas with Pool

  • Superior Water Villas with Pool

  • Presidential Water Villa

Dining experience

Inspired with a unique contemporary deluxe all-inclusive concept, your options for a dining spot is very generous. The Aqua Restaurant, Beach Club Grill Restaurant, Amazònico Restaurant, Le Asiatique Restaurant, Sunset Pool Café, and Sunrise Café all awaits to serve signature dishes for a palatable experience of your whole squad.


The Emerald experience offers The Emerald Spa, Dolphin Kids Club, Gym & Sports Center, Diving Center, and Water Sports Center for your friends’ getaway trip.

Emerald Fushifaru Maldives

With minimalist and sophisticated design, this new 5-star deluxe all-inclusive resort, the Emerald Fushifaru Maldives perches on the tropical landscapes with a refined fusion of nature and indulgence in an enchanting tier of elegance.

The whole gang may choose to rest in the following options of villas that take advantage of the perpetual view of the Indian Ocean.