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10 Must-Knows Before Going To Patina Maldives

10 Must-Knows Before Going To Patina Maldives Image

Maldives offers a lot, from sophisticated and luxurious hotels to peaceful beaches and rich biodiversity. Recently, a new destination was born where nature and inspired architecture coexist, providing a new haven for progressive tourists looking for a change and a refreshing place to rest.

In the Fari Islands on North Malé Atoll, Patina Maldives is the latest addition to the Maldives' premium resort portfolio. The resort is the first flagship resort from Patina Hotels & Resorts, a sophisticated new lifestyle brand. Visitors may immerse themselves in a unique interpretation of island life through intelligent, customized health adventures, participatory music programs, and compelling culinary experiences.

Knowing that Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is the first premium resort, there are things that we should know about this rising star. So, here are the ten must-knows before going to Patina Maldives.

Photo Courtesy: Floating Breakfast Basket at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

1. Opening of Patina Maldives

A brand-new lifestyle of Patina Maldives opened its door to the public last May 18, 2021. The premium resort offers a new delicate design with innovative amenities and facilities along with the coexistence of nature. 


With the initiative of Patina Maldives owner, the resort became part of an integrated development of Fari Islands, a group of artificial islands currently in action in the North Male Atoll.


Here, you can guarantee a deep appreciation of Maldivian culture and community without sacrificing the elegance and luxury that this young generation of travelers seeks.

2. Architectural Designer of the Resort

Patina Maldives is the product of Brazilian designer Marcio Kogan and his MK27 company and represents tropical modernism. Evan Kwee, Capella's Head of Design and Hospitality, told Wallpaper that ideation included more discussion of art, music, cuisine, and sentiments than just design.


The transitions are smooth when observing the architectural design from the inside to the outside of the resort. Every nook is expertly clothed in dusty earth tones of woven textures and natural woods. The distinction is evident in the details, the duvets are slate grey rather than the ubiquitous white, and upscale amenities like private pools, deep outdoor spas, and enveloping hammocks are standard.


Due to almost perfect architecture, the Design Hotel's 90 apartments and villas have won honors from Architectural Digest and Interior Design Magazine. They achieve the right mix between sticking out and fitting in with their sandy.

3. Choose among 90 apartments and villas and 20 studios.

Tourists can choose among 90 villas separated by a golden beachfront and an unbelievably azure ocean, neutral in palette and modern in style, earthy color palettes, delicate textures, and matte surfaces are balanced by arcadian materials to create a conversation with nature. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows open up to combine the inside with the outside. At the same time, the more traditional private pools are available at all villas, each a sanctuary where guests may revel in their opulent private digs. The resort also has 20 Fari Studios for people who want closer to the activity in the island's beating center.

4. Visit the heart of the island, the Marina Village and Beach Club.

Visitors will enjoy the community heart of the archipelago on the island, where the Fari Marina Village and Fari Beach Club serve as the backdrop to a dynamic social scene that will attract guests from all three Fari Island resorts. Guests will discover appealing retail and eating options and a big, commissioned James Turrell pavilion here.

5. Ecofriendly Resort

With the aim of the coexistence of the environment, the resort examined environmental impact at every step along the journey, knowing that a vulnerable ecosystem surrounds them and that actions have rippling consequences in the community and business. The resort rescued 300,000 plants that were being cleared from adjacent islands in order to provide life and lushness to theirs, and refillable bottles have been mandatory from building to operation.


Patina's environmental care is apparent in the material palette utilized throughout the interiors, which includes woods, linens, rattan, paper string, and natural fibers in a variety of subtle colors that complement the gray stone floors, bleached timber strips, and wooden slatted ceilings. 

The artwork spans from finely created design pieces to big-name works like "Amarta," an installation by world-renowned U.S. artist James Turrell's Skyspaces series. Meanwhile, the outside areas of the structure artistically reflect the flowing fronds of the hugging palms.

6. Carefully handpicked ingredients for the cuisine

Long-established practices and the finest ingredients shape patina Maldives' varied dining options. There are three food choices: roots, koen, brasa, and helios. Roots plant-based meals are centered on nutritional, organic, and homegrown ingredients. Koen is a dramatic fusion of Japanese and Nordic food. Brasa is known for its rustic grilled meat dishes from Patagonia. Helios reflects the Aegean tastes. More restaurants serve lighter cuisine as well.

7. Wellbeing Conscious Philosophy

Using the Flow wellness concept, the spa cultivates a life-affirming energy that strengthens your connection with nature's divine intellect.


Therapeutic expertise and scientific innovations create a calming environment inside a spiritual place. A couple's hammam beds and a room dedicated to Watsu practice are among the treatment suites. A floating zone relaxes both the mind and the body. The circulatory and cognitive effects of contrast hydrotherapy are enhanced by saunas and cold showers. Enjoy high and low-impact fitness programs, water cycling, yoga, paddle boarding, massages, and other activities.

8. Promotes ocean conservation

The Maldives' twenty atolls are protected by an enormous quantity of ocean-based biodiversity, ensuring that it remains one of the world's top holiday destinations. Patina Maldives is working hard to ensure that this ecotourism paradise remains safe for future generations. For example, the property has set lofty aims to combat marine plastic waste and to carry out a comprehensive coral propagation initiative. This will assist in establishing the Fari Islands as a new Maldives standard-bearer for marine conservation.


Also, the resort forged a strategic collaboration with the Olive Ridley Project, a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates wounded Indian Ocean turtles. Sea turtles suffer from illness and hunger due to their vulnerability to ghost nets and inadvertently consuming plastic garbage. As a result, visitors are highly encouraged to adopt a turtle during their time at the resort, strengthening the bond between guests and their surroundings while also assisting the Olive Ridley Project in investigating and comprehending the risks to these gentle ocean inhabitants.

9. Offers various water activities

With the gift of nature, guests will not only enjoy the scenery and the food in the resort but also be captivated by various water activities. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in unique activities to appreciate nature, nurturing, and the uplifting holistic journeys of mind and body that connect them at the resort, which provides snorkeling, sunset cruises, endless ice cream, and complimentary evening canapés.

10. Empowering the new generation with eco-consciousness

Every chance for children to learn about the world around them is provided through travel. And with its educational programs, this Maldives ecotourism retreat takes it to a new level. Footprints, the Maldives' pioneering children's facility, is powered by an array of solar panels around the country. Kids can convert discarded ocean plastic into 3D-printed models at Fab Lab, just like the resort's villas. Kids may create meals in their cooking studio to learn about the benefits of local, organic sources while also enjoying the best of sustainable plant-based food.

Choose Your Stay at Patina Maldives

With 90 apartments and villas, choosing among these excellent accommodations upon your Patina Maldives booking will be hard. To help you decide on this matter, here are some of the excellent villas that you can choose:

Photo Courtesy: Two Bedroom Sunset Water Pool Vill at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

Over the Water Villas

Water Pool Villa

The Water Pool Villas stretches out over the blue ocean, at one with marine life, thanks to floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that glide back. Nothing but the gentle ripples of the lagoon disrupt the horizon views from the private terrace.

The bedroom, bathroom, and lounge are crafted from natural materials that complement Patina Maldives' unique position.


Villa facilities: Private deck with pool, daybeds and hammock, Floor-to-ceiling windows, Dining and living area, Outdoor oversized bathtub, Rain shower, and Double vanities.


Sunset Water Pool Villa

Guests can also choose the Patina Maldives Sunset Beach Pool Villa, comparable in size and design to Water Pool Villa but faces west to enjoy the magnificent sunset every day.

Beach Villas

The Beach House with Private Pool, Patina Maldives' biggest villa, offers a variety of experiences within its exquisite layout and garden, beach, and ocean views inside the superb accommodation.


The interior design is spacious, airy, and mellow, with pleasant, natural colors. A sizeable shared living and eating room makes this an excellent place for families and friends to get together.


This property has three different bedrooms, each with its ensuite bathroom. Two bedrooms are placed on the lower level, while the other one is on the top level.


Outside, the Beach House has a massive private garden and entertainment deck with a huge pool, daybeds, alfresco eating areas, and direct access to the pristine beach and ocean.


Guests of the Patina Maldives Package Beach House will be able to enjoy the following special benefits: VIP arrival and departure airport assistance and fast-tracking at Velana International Airport for all guests, Organic Garden offers a private Kombucha-making workshop every day, a private group yoga class is held (maximum eight guests), and create your coral reef at the lagoon with the help of a local marine biologist.

To experience…

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