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12 Quick Facts About The Como Cocoa Island You Probably Don't Know About

12 Quick Facts About The Como Cocoa Island You Probably Don't Know About Image

Imagine living in a place surrounded by beautiful sea views where the sun's rays will wake you up, spend the day doing exciting activities, and conclude the day with a wonderful meal beneath the stars. I know it seems like a dream, and I would like to tell you that the Como Cocoa Island, Maldives resort, will make your dreams a reality. Your Island stay will surely provide such a lovely experience that you will never want to leave!

About Como Cocoa Island

COMO Cocoa Island of Maldives is also known locally as Makunufushi. The island is nestled amid the coral atolls of South Malé. Luckily, guests do not require seaplanes to get to the island with only a 40-minute speedboat ride from Malé's international airport.

Como Cocoa Hotel Island Maldives is one of the premium hotels with extraordinarily high standards. Our modern amenities are open to anybody with an overnight stay, whether traveling with a spouse, partner, children, or extended family.

The luxury resort works hard to fit the experience to the demands of the guests, from personalized service and gourmet food to distinctive design, authentic culture, and a peaceful spa. Here also, it is possible to organize private cruises to adjacent islands and beaches, personal meals in remote spots, yoga, diving, or snorkeling, and excursions for families traveling together.

According to some guests who give Como Cocoa Island Maldives reviews, the staff there are excellent and expert in anticipating their every need, making the stay worthwhile. The manager is constantly on duty, day or night, and the devoted crew can help with all parts of the vacation, including booking daily excursions and activities.

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12 Quick Facts About The Como Island You Probably Don't Know About

The Como Cocoa Island is known for its world-class amenities and luxury overwater suites; the resort also offers exquisite cuisine and engaging activities. Through its multiple award-winning services, the resort ensures that your staycation is as stylish and luxurious as possible. There is even more to it. Here are 12 Quick Facts About the Como Islands You Probably Don’t Know.

  1. You can swim together with the Whale Shark Night

      This water activity can accommodate up to seven snorkelers and seven observers. Snorkelers must be at least 12 years old, while observers must be at least six years old. Underwater cameras can be hired for an extra fee. It is important to know that this activity is affected by weather and water currents and depends on whale shark sightings.


  1. Do the light tackle and fly fishing

        The majority of light tackle and fishing locations are within 30 minutes of the resort. Guests can even fish the entire atoll for the adventurous angler. Pick up titan triggerfish, monster trevally, and red snapper on the inner atoll drop-off, jig for grouper, or explore where fish have never seen a fly.


  1. Snorkel and observe the Turtle underwater

        A lecture on the turtle species found on the island will be provided, followed by a 20-minute boat journey to a lovely outer reef where guests may witness these gentle creatures and other reef fish in their natural habitat. Turtles are curious creatures that will occasionally swim near the boat.


  1. Experience surfing

     Several Maldivian atolls have coasts that catch waves from all directions, resulting in dependably excellent surfing conditions. Tropic surf, a luxury surf outfitter, has teamed with Como Maalifushi for exciting trips and instruction for all levels. The ever-popular Farms location is a terrific place to start, with a curved reef corner that offers mechanical-shaped waves suited for a variety of surfing techniques.


        From April to October, a full-time Tropic surf guide is located only at Como Cocoa Island. Guests may study from the ground up or simply brush up on their skills with our advisers, who can assess performance based on our 100-point skill progression and design a route to speedy advancement.


  1. Watch the dolphins

       Sightings of dolphins over the atoll in pods became one of the best tourist attractions on Como Island. The dolphins may occasionally jump out of the water to demonstrate their acrobatic skills, or they will come up close to surf the bow waves of the boat. While witnessing all of this, you may sip Champagne and eat canapés while seeing the gorgeous sunset.


  1. Do sorts of water sports

         Como Island of Maldives provides motorized water sports activities for the more fearless tourist. Guests may whiz around the lagoon, having a great time wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, complimentary snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and windsurfing equipment to visitors. The free snorkeling is on a first-come, first-served basis at the Marine Sports Centre.


  1. Experience the private boat charters

     The crown jewel of our fleet is 'Cameron,' a 68-foot luxury yacht that explores the archipelago's most remote corners. Cameron may also be rented for fishing, surfing, and diving expeditions, all of which can be adapted to the needs of your group.


  1. Learn underwater about the coral reef

        To those tourists who want to learn about corals, join the marine scientist in Como Cocoa Island for a comprehensive tour of the coral reef. Listen to a brief presentation about the fantastic coralline ecosystem, and then visit our resort tank and touch pool. Then, the marine biologist will share more interesting details about the wildlife you see along the way. Then, head out with snorkels from the house jetty.


      Furthermore, the marine biologist also gives free 30-minute seminars twice weekly about various aspects of marine life, habitats, and ecosystems—Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at Thila Bar and Sundays at 6.30 p.m. at Tai.


  1. Enjoy the Catamaran sailing

         Sail in rhythm with the wind and water as our skipper leads the guests around the lagoon, offering some of the great scenery in the Indian Ocean. This excursion can be a pleasant calm sail over the ocean, or an exciting, bouncing ride over white-crested waves, depending on wind speeds.


        May also schedule a sailing class to learn how to manage a TOPCAT K1 or K3 sailboat properly – these one-hour sessions are suited to tourists’ skill levels.

  1. Surprise your partner with the romantic Dhoni Cruise

      As the captain navigates across the atoll, enjoy a Maldivian sunset while lounging on lounge-style couches with a drink of Champagne.


  1. Join in the coral propagation

        While enjoying the luxury and paradise Island of Como, tourists can also join and improve the underwater ecosystem through coral propagation.


        Historically, an El Nio climatic cycle caused especially warm waves in the Indian Ocean between 1998 and 2016, bleaching a huge number of coral reefs near Como Maalifushi. To address and help the sea recover from its loss, the management of Como collaborated with Seamarc, a marine consultancy firm, to plant new coral frames on the bottom, which will enable pristine reefs to develop and thrive. While there are still many unspoiled reefs, it is critical that all of the islands' coral thrive for the local economy — and a fourth of all marine life.The guest may sponsor one of these frames, name it, and follow its growth through twice-yearly photographic updates, as well as go on free guided dives to its location whenever the guest visits Como Maalifushi. The Marine Biologist will aid with assembling the frame by gathering coral fragments from our home reefs and securely attaching them. You will be shown where the frame is required to assist in the propagation of the reef. For the said activity, the coral frame sponsorship costs US$150 for a single frame, US$300 for a couple frame, and US$500 for a family frame.


  1. Understand yourself through a retreat

Experience tranquility within yourself on the Island of Como Cocoa through Como Shambhala. Accordingly, in the records of Sanskrit, the word Shambhala means "peace" that refers to the quest for equilibrium. It captures the essence of the Como Shambhala holistic health method, which combines contemporary science with traditional techniques to balance mind, body, and spirit.


Como Cocoa Island's wellness center is one of the most adored Como Shambhala Retreats; you feel like the only guest, nourished in complete seclusion with a broad selection of treatments, experiences, products, and activities. The unique Como Shambhala Cuisine complements these services by delivering wholesome nutrition-optimized meals made with clean.

Explore Como Cocoa Island

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I bet you never believed that a resort could provide such an experience. So, without further ado, arrange your Maldives vacation. Visit, and do not forget your Como Cocoa Island review after a delightful experience.