Warm Maldivian Hospitality

The beautiful and stunning tropics of the Maldives not only leaves one breathless, but also has visitors wanting to stay well beyond the duration of their vacation.  The plethora of sights, scenery and activities will also keep visitors immersed in the culture right from the beginning.

At Maldives Exclusive, we understand how important the full Maldivian experience is to our visitors.  We take exceptional pride in treating each of our clients with the most personal travel service catered to your individual and unique preferences!  

Maldives Exclusive provides you with holiday packages that have been truly tested, specifically by us!  Unlike many other travel agencies, we actually live right here, in this alluring location, and we know every island, and every corner of those islands.  Our knowledgeable travel specialists will prepare your unique holiday package designed perfectly for your dream vacation.

We offer the best discounts available, for the most luxurious resorts throughout the Maldivian islands.

The Maldives culture, predominantly derived from Sri Lanka and South India is warm, friendly and approachable.  When you arrive to one of our most beautiful resorts, you will be met with hospitality so genuine it will most likely surpass any other place you’ve ever visited.  

Ocean sports are always popular, and our specialists can plan your stay, and cater to your adventurous side. Knowledgeable tour guides can take you around to some of the most beautiful atolls imaginable as the Indian Ocean is by far the most stunning body of water in the world. We also have top quality snorkeling and diving opportunities to offer, and you will be amazed at the beauty of the undersea life!  The colors and coral reefs that you will experience will feel like you have visited another world.  In fact, the Maldivian islands, is another world, one of nature, splendour and inviting luxury; our travel specialists know all of the Maldives hidden gems!

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