8.9. 2017

US becomes the ninth leading source markets in the Maldivian Tourism Industry with an extensive DOUBLE DIGIT growth

US becomes the ninth leading source markets in the Maldivian Tourism Industry with an extensive DOUBLE DIGIT growth

It is quite expected to see USA being in the list if the leading source markets in the tourism industry. As we see a broadening in number of arrivals to the sunny side of life, it is with prestige, that we notice arrivals from USA increasing substantially at a truly impeccable speed.

Statistically put forward figures clearly show us that there have been an unimpeachable increase in the number of tourists who traveled to the sunny side of life from USA. For instance, we had a total sum of 32589 tourists from USA just the last year. The year before that, we had just about 29308 arrivals. This points to the vivid conclusion that we have welcomed a gracious increase in arrivals by 11.2% which is quite a large increase in terms of tourism industry in Maldives.

If we are to highlight about the growth in US arrivals this year, we have found out that we welcomed 18267 guests from US from January till June of this year. This is an increase in 19.4% in comparison to the arrivals of this time period during 2016. Surely, this is an excellent progress with such a short period of time.

Thus, it is of no surprise to us to see US reach the top ten list of the biggest source markets in the tourism industry of the Maldives. Along with US, the other countries who have made their way to this point would include, China, Germany, Japan and many more. It is predicted that US would continue the growth in their market and become a bigger source market than it already is. It is possible for US to be in the list of the topping five source markets in an early foreseeable according to the connoisseurs and other travel experts of the tourism industry

Regardless of how extensive the US source markets has grown, it seems just too easy to ignore the major issues which are faced by the arrivals. Firstly and most importantly, both the countries are quite far from each other and that leads to branched difficulties. There is no direct air traveling platform between these countries. There is always the need to transit in countries like Doha and Dubai. Needless to say, this does not seem verily convenient.

It is quite obvious to be seen that there has been an ample decrease in Chinese markets. Potentially this could have meant a staking issue for the tourist industry of Maldives as Chinese markets are strong source of arrivals. Even if this is true, this effect was easily compensated by the double digit increases in the US markets and other European markets as well.

It is an unavoidable fact that Maldives have undergone brazen efforts to reach its goal of reaching 1.5 million arrivals roughly by the end of the year. Fortunately, the new markets are flourishing such a speed that would result in this goal being reached.

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