8.15. 2017

Your Private Yacht Charter in the Maldives

Your Private Yacht Charter in the Maldives

Imagine your own luxurious private yacht charter! When we think of visiting the Maldives, we usually anticipate a relaxing holiday, soaking up the Maldivian sunshine, the very quintessence of our islands. And of course we have our share of the most beautiful resorts, beach bungalows and water villas in the world, but we also offer so much more!  

Have you ever considered reserving your own private yacht for yourself and your loved ones?  Well search no further, Maldives Exclusive has the specialized experience you are looking for.  

If you envision your Maldives holiday cruising along the Indian Ocean with nothing but sunshine, sea air and about 26 natural coral Atolls within close proximity, then we can help!  Imagine having the freedom to dock and explore, at your leisure, the natural beauty that envelops our beautiful islands. There is so much to explore in the Maldives, with inhabited and even uninhabited islands readily accessible just for you.

Our cruise and private yacht specialists are available to answer even your most discerning questions, providing you with all the tips one needs when entering the exclusive world of yachting.  

Your private yacht excursion could truly illuminate and take your Maldives holiday to places you've never before dreamed of.  

This is luxury to call your own and a private yacht to call your home.  

The Indian Princess is an incredible 95 meter / 312 foot long private yacht that includes up to a crew of 30 staff to assist you and your party with everything from 5-star cuisine to elegant spa treatments.  This private yacht can also hold up to 500 guests for that incredible event you may need to host!  

Alpha Nero has won many awards and has provided guests a dream Maldives holiday excursions onboard this 81 meter / 267 foot private yacht.  The vessel maintains an opulent decor offering her guests exceptional luxury, with a state-of-the-art 'heli-pad converted swimming pool'.

If you're looking for your Maldives holiday to include that one specific private yacht of perfection, then Nirvana will not disappoint.  Exceptional detail has been put into every inch of this 88 meter / 290 foot yacht, with a heli-pad and a swimming pool that converts into a dance floor to turn your evening into a perfect memory that will last a lifetime.  Nirvana can also provide up to 28 crew members, and accommodate any large event.  The vessel also has a 3D movie theater complete with popcorn.

If you're looking for the perfect entertainment yacht to host your next soiree, then Saluzi would be your ideal choice.  Her dimensions are 69 meter / 226 foot long with decor and entertainment features that will turn your private yacht excursion into an event to remember.  A crew of up to 32 is available to ensure your guests have everything they need.  Saluzi is a beautiful yacht, and is ready to make your Maldives holiday dream come true.

At Maldives Exclusive, we understand our guests needs and wishes! You can rest assured that we will arrange each and every detail to ensure that your private yacht charter coasting along the exquisite Maldivian islands is everything you hoped it would be!




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