10.9. 2017

The Beauty of Travel with Maldivian Seaplanes

The Beauty of Travel with Maldivian Seaplanes

It is no secret that the Maldives tourism industry is vastly expanding as visitors from all over the world strive to visit our Maldivian Islands.  As a result of this expansion, newly constructed resorts are being built such as the ‘Address Madivaru Maldives Resort & Spa’ readily available in the year 2020, to the ‘Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort’ which conveniently has a self-contained air landing pad for guest convenience.

And speaking of airplanes, the Maldivian fleet of seaplanes are greatly expanding their aircraft with additional planes to accommodate the growing tourism industry. This will enable travel to the various islands even more convenient than it is currently.  Maldives Exclusive would like to end the myth that Maldives is too far to visit, or too difficult of a voyage and to let visitors know how easy a trip to our islands truly can be!

Managing Director of Island Aviation Services (IAS), Abdul Haris, told local media that the airline fleet increase would consist of 6 new DH-6 Twin Otter aircraft next month. Well noted for quality, comfort and reliable service, Maldivian has already increased their fleet to 9 top of the line planes that travel to our islands in quick time, servicing several resorts along our beautiful coral atoll.
Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) is also privately operated by Maldivian with a total fleet of 49 de Havilland Twin Otters aircraft to service our Maldivian Islands.  Transportation is reliable and convenient, and we would be happy to offer our assistance in booking your trip here to the Maldives where we will take care of all your travel worries, including the seaplane itinerary directly to your specific island.
Flyme is another seaplane company in the Maldives with a current fleet of 2 ATR-42 aircrafts traveling also to the various islands and atolls.

It is important to note that seaplane booking cannot be done here at the islands, and therefore you will want to contact us to pre-arrange your flights along with your favorite destination and travel itinerary.  Another important point to note is that our seaplanes only operate during daylight hours, so you will arrive to your destination and still have plenty of time left to you day to relax and enjoy the sun! Seaplane travel offers one of the most beautiful opportunities to enjoy the aerial view of our gorgeous islands and atolls here on the Maldivian Islands.

Maldives seaplanes can also be the only mode of transportation to select remote islands, where you will be whisked away to your island paradise and your vacation starts once you are in one of these beautiful planes.  Imagine soaring high above the Indian Ocean while enjoying stunning azure water and glistening white sand beaches!  What better way to start the beginning of your holiday with one of the most impressive and enjoyable modes of transportation.
Maldives Exclusive’s travel experts will book your holiday catered exactly to your unique wishes, and we will ensure your transportation is booked and confirmed so all you would need to do is pack your bags and travel to our beautiful Indian Ocean!


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