Tatyana Kotova visits Maldives.

Fabulous singer, dancer and actress visits Maldives for an exquisite sunny holiday. She is also a brilliant athlete and still is well known for her ability to perform long jumps. Being the winner of the title ‘Miss Russia 2006’, she has attained immense popularity within the lime light and is one of the most famous celebrities in the world for her multi-talented personality. It surely is a pleasure that she is here on vacation to experience the luxury of a tropical vacation in the sunny side of life.

She was found relaxing in the warm exotic beaches of Maldives. She is believed to be staying at Sun Siyam Irufushi which is one of the best Maldivian resorts and is well known to be a popular choice for those who yearn to experience a luxurious Maldivian beach holiday. She has uploaded several pictures of herself rejuvenating under the sun on her Instagram platform. One of the pictures she uploaded showed her enjoying an ice cream and it was captioned “Sweetness and Passion”.

She shared a lot of information about her experience in Maldives. She also shared some tips which could be quite helpful in saving traveling costs. For instance, traveling by ferries can surely save a lot. There are plenty of ways to save traveling costs in Maldives and opting for budget resorts and all-inclusive packages can surely be excellent examples on how to do this. Moreover, contacting a highly reputed travel agency can be the springboard for a truly adventurous luxury holiday.

Sun Siyam Irufushi is quite an excellent choice for celebrities and it has truly admirable amenities and facilities to cater for visitors of all kinds. The five star luxury accommodation facilities are definitely one of the factors which contribute to its rigid excellence.

There are several Sun Siyam resorts in Maldives. Those are, Sun Siyam Irufushi, Sun aqua vilu reef Maldives and Olhuveli Beach and Spa Maldives. All these resorts are in the list of the best 25 tourist resorts in Maldives and they have services which are dedicated to keep their visitors pleased.

Judging by the Instagram pictures and captioned posts, it is clearly seen that the worldwide celebrities such as Tatyana Kotova is enjoying their stay in Maldives. Looking back, there have been several visits to Maldives from celebrities. The arrival of Prince William and Kate for their honeymoon was one of the most prideful moments for the Maldivian tourism industry. The number of tourists coming to Maldives to spend their holidays is increasing substantially and this proves just how much the Maldivian tourism industry is developing and how quickly the resorts are becoming more and more magnificent.


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