5.8. 2018



Kuramathi Island Resort , being a natural tropical bliss for all its guests, always had the knack for organizing freshening evenings and theme nights. It would definitely be a fact that the island resort offers a vast range of choices of  entertainment. For instance, there are discos, live music, acoustic sessions and of course beach side movie nights for adults and children. Kuramathi has introduced something even more fabulous this February. They are planning to have a  “Maldivian Evening” every single Sunday at Fung Bar.

The evening is bound to be just as enthusiastic as it sounds. There would be ‘BoduBeru’ shows which is a traditional musical event where groups would sing to the rhythmic beats of drums. The songs are sung in Dhivehi, the mother tongue of Maldives.

The songs are mostly about romantic poetry, Maldivian fishing journeys and they are bound to unveil more exciting pages of the rich Maldivian culture. It is a fact that this island resort is one of the first to open here in Maldives. Hence, it is a part of Universal Resorts for Universal Enterprises. Kuramathi is the quintessence of being in a tropical island paradise, secluded from all the real-world apprehensions. Just by taking your first step into the majestic beaches of the island, you shall feel your stress filter out of you.

The crystalline lagoons would just give you the perfect holiday vibe that you have been yearning for all your life. Opt for last minute booking options if you happen to miss out on the dates. There is always one way or the other to experience the best at Maldives experience!

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