5.8. 2018

New series of BRANDS and RESORTS join the Maldivian tourism collection.

New series of BRANDS and RESORTS join the Maldivian tourism collection.

It is quite a customarily known fact that brand names such as JW Mariott, Waldorf Astoria and Hard Rock are the most famous hotel brands on a worldwide basis. In Maldives, resorts branched under these brands are being rapidly established. It is said that the upcoming luxury resorts which are to be added to the collection would take the industry of tourism in Maldives to whole new altitude judging by the remarks of the connoisseurs of the field. These resorts shall be highlighted below.


JW Mariott, Vangaru
JW Mariott is one of the largest and greatly prominent brands of hotels in the world. Back before, excellent developments were brought upon this very island because of the Maldivian luxury resort “Viceroy Maldives” which was known for its spectacular seclusion and the ambience of optimism. However, it has now been decided that JW Mariott Maldives will be welcoming its first set of guests during the upcoming November. One of the most intriguing facts about this Maldivian resort is that it looks forward to provide a memorable holiday experience even for the discriminating travelers. The combination of the sun kissed beaches of the island along with the unimpeachable hotel facilities of top- notch quality would surely be worth a lifetime to experience!


Joali Maldives
This is a truly mesmerizing luxury resort established on Muravandhoo, a wonderful island which is gifted with the beauty of Mother Nature to the maximum. Joali Maldives consists of 73 amazing luxury villas. Each of which are designed to provide the visitors a chance to enjoy five star luxury while simultaneously being one with nature. As such, the best five star amenities and facilities would be available here at Joali Maldives. If you are a luxury traveler looking for the finest tastes, and if you are
looking for a new twist in your vacation to Maldives, then look forward to embark on a journey to Joali Maldives which is to open up by the upcoming September.

The Nautilus Maldives
The Nautilus Maldives is a Maldivian resort which is being developed by Dr. Ibrahim Umar, a famous businessman in Maldives. It has been revealed that the concept of this resort is completely different from that of normal resorts. This resort is the best choice for those awaiting to enjoy the highest level of luxury at Maldives. The Nautilus Maldives would receive their guests directly from the VIP lounge at the airport. The modern, elegance and chicness of this resort would indeed impress each and every traveler in myriad aspects. Each accommodation unit here at Nautilus Maldives come with its very own bedroom followed by a spacious living area and a pool as well. Nautilus is expected to open up during the high tourist season which is predicted to be the upcoming month of January.


The Baglioni Maldives
This is a completely new resort which is being built in Dhaalu Atoll. This resort mainly focusses on providing an Italy-style vacation. The lovers of unique gastronomical delights would also find Baglioni Maldives rather appealing as it is bound to be one of the finest dining resorts in the sunny side of life. This resort is totally designed to replicate an Italian property along with a firm Maldivian touch. The  island is surrounded by the crystalline mint-blue oceans which would offer the best snorkeling
experience! It is predicted to be one of the finest dive resorts in Maldives in the foreseeable future

Emerald Maldives
Emerald Maldives is a resort is which a branch of Emerald Collection and is the first of its type. Emerald Maldives has 60 overwater villas built on the lagoons surrounding the island. Out of these villas, one is a royal suite and there are two presidential suites as well. The privacy and seclusion that one would yearn for in a holiday would definitely be obtained in this luxury resort. Therefore, it is fair to assume that this would be one of the most prominent honeymoon resorts in Maldives. Similarly, there are 60 beach villas aligned in such a way that one could enjoy the picture-perfect panorama of the sunset. This resort is
expected to be completed fully by the coming month of October.


Hard Rock!
It has been decided that the developing resort, Cross Road Maldives will be hosting “Hard Rock” hotel and “Hard Rock” Café. It was even more pleasing to find out that they will be officially open in Maldives by the upcoming October. This is the first ever Hard Rock branch in Maldives and this indeed makes this establishment greatly valuable to the industry. Hard Rock Hotel is expected to have 178 luxury hotel rooms. Family style villas, beach villas, water villas of one room and two rooms can also be expected at this majestic island resort.

Although these are not the only resorts which are to welcome its first guests throughout this year, these are the most branded hotels which would make Maldives a greater tourist destination than it already is. As of now, Maldives is in the list of the top ten tourist destinations in the world.

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