Mujthaba - 05 Dec 2021

A Maldives Holiday… You Deserve it!

A Maldives Holiday… You Deserve it! Image

Imagine where that elusive Maldives Holiday in a dream water bungalow, or beach cottage is the very next holiday on ‘your’ travel itinerary.  Imagine your Maldives Holiday in the breathtaking azure waters of the Indian Ocean; a world where time stands still and relaxation is mandatory.  

A Maldives Holiday of your very own is absolutely possible, and at Maldives Exclusive we are trained and knowledgeable on how to bring this dream to a reality!  We can work our holiday magic and plan a holiday itinerary that will suit your ideal travel wishlist with your very specific budget, and we truly enjoy helping our guests get the most out of their Maldives Holiday travel!

Why the Maldives ?

Incredible Restaurants and Cuisine

Curries, savory snacks, coconut and exotic seafood are the staple at any authentic Maldivian restaurant.  Our cuisine is derived from Sri Lanka and South India with strong Malaysian and European roots. Our Maldivian cuisine includes curries so robust with flavor and perfect texture that you will be just begging for the recipes.  Skipjack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi-Mahi are among some of the most common seafood on the Maldivian Islands.  Be sure to check out our amazing selection of restaurants   during your Maldives Holiday! 


Azure Lagoons and White Sand Beaches
What better way to inaugurate your stay in the Maldives than relaxing on your own private lounge chair on the warm glistening white sand, holding your favorite beverage and dreamily watching the turquoise waters surrounded by gleaming coral reefs.  Our resorts offer guests all this and much more with many options for accommodations in water bungalows situated in the middle of the lagoon, beach cottages with the lagoon literally just steps away from your door. We also offer water bungalows with a private swimming pool and jacuzzi just seps from your bedroom and  overlooking the stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Our islands are award winning ever year for the most relaxing atmosphere and the best place to unwind from hectic day to day life. 

When it’s your turn to unwind, Maldives Exclusive has everything you need for your perfect Maldives Holiday!

Chartered Yachts

The Indian Ocean and Maldivian Islands offer so much to see and our private chartered yachts and chartered cruises can provide the best way to enjoy our 26 natural coral Atolls up close and personal!  You can sail through the day and dock at freedom to a variety of private and secluded islands with an option for your very own captain and tour guide! 


One could also enjoy a night cruise while taking in the truly phenomenal bioluminescence of our waters with the incredible crystal blue fluorescent glow created from tiny sea creatures called ‘Ostracod Crustaceans’.  This is a phenomenon that is predominant during the winter months in the Maldives, but also very common during year round. This stunning vision is truly magical and would be a wonderful addition to your holiday itinerary.


Your Maldives Holiday is just waiting to be planned and we can help you make that perfect holiday dream come true!