MHO - 25 Dec 2020

Celebrate A Tropical Festive Season and Ja Manafaru Maldives

Celebrate A Tropical Festive Season and Ja Manafaru Maldives Image

The festive season in the Maldives is nothing less than vibrant and exotic. You are offered achance to celebrate the festivities with your loved ones in an exquisite manner.

JA Manafaru is one of the most prestigious island resorts in the Maldives. The resort is

currently preparing to welcome their guests during the upcoming festive season to gift themone of the most joyous celebratory vacations in the Maldives. Spend this Christmas and New Years’ at JA Manafaru where the island’s pristine beaches and the crystal-clear waters

in combination with the magnificent weather would create the perfect tropical paradise to

celebrate this time of the year.On the 23 rd of December, the resorts host a party for the tree lighting ceremony. In this

ceremony, the guests are invited to watch the oldest Banyan tree on the island being lit up for Christmas. Carols would also be sung during the party. The guests will also be offered cocktails, mimosas and many other drinks for free.

From 22 nd December to 24 th December, and on the first of January, the guests are given the chance to watch Christmas movies under a starry sky. The guests could enjoy some popcorn, light snacks and drinks as well. A movie night like this would surely be one of the most unique must-have experiences in the Maldives.

JA Manafaru also has a Santa Arrival festival on Christmas day which is surely a unique

experience to have in the sunny side of life. On Christmas eve, the resort hosts an island-style Christmas barbeque feast served directly on the beautiful beaches. Enjoy the taste of fresh barbecued seafood served with Maldivian style marinara sauces.

On the 31 st of December, there would be several activities to indulge in to make your festive holiday even more memorable. There would be numerous games, live music shows, food stations and parties to enjoy.

JA Manafaru has something for everyone