Alex - 01 Dec 2021

Cuisine of Maldives

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The Maldivian Islands, situated within the Arabian Sea just off the Indian Ocean, are surrounded by several atolls with an invitation to experience Maldivian lifestyle.
Some of the most phenomenal restaurants can be found on this quaint collection of islands in the Maldives.  In fact, the restaurants may very well contribute to some of your fondest memories here! 
Acquainting yourself with our cuisine is a great way to meet ‘the locals’ known for having a warm, welcoming smile and friendly demeanor.  What better way to truly experience this Indian Ocean paradise than to sample some of the most authentic dishes from this part of the world.
Maldivian cuisine is vastly influenced by the surrounding sea, offering plenty of exotic fish and delicacies with even more Indian, Malaysian and European influence.
Situated Southwest of India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives offers a rich history, with the culture dating back to as early as the 500’s, and the authenticity of their dishes reflects their strong roots.
Some of the more popular staple items are various kinds of Tuna and Mahi-Mahi prepared in several different ways with a focus on smoked and dried.  Coconut, Mango, chilli, curry, spices, lemon and honey are all frequently used in several Maldivian dishes. Of course there is a strong culinary influence from India on these tropical islands that are added to many of the dishes.
Some of the most beautiful restaurants can be found on the Maldivian Islands that are most definitely worth exploring.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
This uniquely stunning restaurant is located on Rangali Island Maldives,   Part of the Conrad Hotels and Resorts, this restaurant offers patrons the best seating on the entire island, 16 feet below sea level! The view is spectacular with glass walls all around and above, where you can truly experience the Arabian Sea; dining on fine European cuisine. The New York Daily News rated Ithaa as “the most beautiful restaurant in the world”, which offers caviar and champagne while observing 180 degrees of transparent beauty.
Photo Credit : Conrad Maldives 
Muraka - Mirihi Island Resort
Located on Mirihi Island Resort , this truly lovely dining experience offers you an up close and personal sea view. Winning the Award of Excellence in 2016, Muraka, ideally situated over the lagoon, will tempt you with 5-star cuisine and a spectacular sunset.  The menu presents local traditional cuisine fused with a contemporary flair.

Photo Credit : Mirihi Island Resort 
Located on the private islands of Niyama, this authentic African restaurant is an experience you won’t want to miss.  African cuisine flavors are fused with the Latin flair of Central and South America.  The ambience is truly unique, and the menu is mouth-watering exotic offering traditional African style game for the adventurous, all cooked over an open fire.  This is definitely a night out, and one that will be in your memory forever.
Photo Credit : Niyama Maldives