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Explore World’s First Underwater Spa in the Maldives at Huvafen Fushi Resort

Explore World’s First Underwater Spa in the Maldives at Huvafen Fushi Resort Image

Give in to Huvafen Fushi's tropical embrace, a hidden paradise on North Malé. Enjoy a world of eternal beauty and a breathtaking view of paradise. A perfect place to engage oneself with the serenity and calmness of nature, where a world of infinite wellness awaits. A place to celebrate life amid lulling waters that ignites a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that fosters bliss - indeed, a calming haven.

The Maldives Fushi huvafen or best known as Huvafen Fushi resort has what it is called as the world's first underwater spa. Lose It, Tone It, Cellulite Therapy, and Stress Buster are some of the new therapies added to the LIME spa.

The underwater treatment rooms were built over a year using solid-cast resin to produce a submerged structure situated in the open ocean with little impact on the Maldives' nature. According to the hotel, the five-inch-thick resin "provides infinitely higher clarity than the less expensive choice of laminated glass."

What to Expect at Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort in Maldives

Underwater Spa

A hidden underwater realm is accessible by going eight meters below the surface. Greetings from the world's first and only underwater spa treatment rooms, once in a lifetime experience. The remarkable place is Huvafen Fushi Kaafu Maldives. Currents flow in and out. The tides influence how you feel—panoramic reef views and a tranquil style that draws inspiration from the sea's hues and textures. Take in the serene hypnotic stillness of refuge below. Here are the following Spa Treatments available in the Huvafen Fushi Maldives Underwater hotel Facility;

Photo Courtesy: Underwater Spa at Huvafen Fushi Resort Maldives

Underwater Dream - 60/90 Minutes

This treatment begins with the feet and combines shiatsu, pressure point therapy, and reflexology to encourage relaxation and peaceful sleep. A deep, trance-like state of relaxation is facilitated by a soothing massage of the head, neck, arms, and legs, while the body's energy circuit is completed using age-old breathing techniques. This treatment increases the power of touch to restore standard sleep patterns and release, making it exceptional and transformative.

Underwater Rendezvous - 120 Minutes

Under the waves, a tranquil haven. A two-hour journey towards rejuvenation and healing. Enjoy complete bliss as your neck, back, and shoulders become more relaxed. After receiving the extremely relaxing foot massage, the adventure concludes with the anti-aging Revitalizing Face Pure Massage from Huvafen Spa. Each component of this therapy aims to reduce discomforts like fatigue, headaches, and sleep issues. A serene underwater setting serving as a center for natural healing and deep relaxation is here. A totally unique, top-to-bottom treatment that promotes wellness over the long term.

Overwater Spa

Allow yourself to be drawn into the serene surroundings around you by the treatment pavilions perched above the pristine waters. Feel the peaceful environment. Listen for the waves' sound. As your spirit is lured to the state of tranquility, a lovely glance to look out the calming glass window displaying an outstanding view of the haven. Experience and enjoy the natural beauty brought by the sensation of comfort and relaxation like magic.

Photo Courtesy: Overwater Spa at Huvafen Fushi Resort Maldives

Huvafen Serene Awakening - 120 Minutes

For those who genuinely enjoy cleansing and renewal, the journey starts with a series of sauna treatments followed by brief periods of cold water to help your body detoxify. Then a complete abdominal massage, lymphatic drainage, and foot reflexology are included in the detox therapy.

Huvafen Serene Awakening - 30 Minutes

Deep-tissue scalp massage where hair is revitalized and regenerated as you enter a world of delightful relaxation. You are led by healing hands to a scene of sensual tranquility. Pressure-point therapy promotes health and blood circulation. The procedure gives each strand new life and luster—velvety, pure coconut oil.

Huvafen Glow - 45 Minutes

Come out of a chrysalis, brand-new and pristine—a revitalizing body scrub made with coconut, coffee, or tea. Allow the sun to revitalize and nourish your skin. This procedure prepares the cells for therapeutic oils, making it ideal for any massage. Open the door to complete tranquility.

Huvafen Sun Repair - 45 Minutes

A clay cocoon. The soothing hug of cucumber and aloe. Quick protection from the sun's rays. Parched skin absorbs nutrients in a lavishly rich mantle. A soothing head massage transports you. Cool, serene tranquility is soft to the skin and the psyche.

Dhimaalis Maldavian Experience - 90 Minutes

Health and sensuality are the themes of Dhimaalis. They elevated a long-standing custom. A Maldivian healer who brought traditional medicine to Huvafen by sharing her family's recipe for massage oil, which locals have used for decades, introduced Huvafen to this treatment. Sand and Maldivian herbs are used to exfoliate the body to begin the therapy gently. Then you will have a sea bath, enabling the salt water to nourish your skin and senses. Authentic Maldivian massage techniques are then used to release blocked energy and improve circulation.

Polish it Up - 30 Minutes

Nails next to sun-kissed skin: Whether a refined French manicure or a striking pattern, add a fresh shade to your fingers and toes. A kaleidoscope of colors will enhance your appearance—a ruby crimson flash. Send a message, no matter how subdued.

Fingers Massage - 60 Minutes

Botanical oils that are warm, calm, and replenish. The mud heals and softens in a lush cocoon—the refinement and renewal of aromatic oils. Neat nails enhance beautiful hands. It imparts a healthy sheen to buff and polish—a chic procedure for extreme suppleness.

Feet Massage - 60 Minutes

A treatment that calms and energizes from heel to toe. By aromatherapy and Massage, it nourishes the feet—perfectly buffed and polished nails. Refreshing and renewing by deep sea salt-cleansing. Drift blissfully into complete tranquility.

6 Common Benefits of Spa Treatment/Therapy

One of the most popular ways people care for their bodies is through spa treatments. For maintaining both physical and emotional wellness, it works perfectly. Spa treatments offer a comparable result to going to the gym. People sometime might think of it as an excellent "workout." The spa is different since you need a lot less energy during a session.

A massage is the most frequently used spa service. There are also body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and facials that essentially create. It is a good idea to let them know what you hope to accomplish so that they can suggest the best course of action for you.

Helps to De-Stress

The best way to reduce stress and unwind is, first and foremost, to visit a tranquil spa. No matter the treatment, you will notice that your mind starts to feel at ease when you walk into the spa. You can now reward yourself with an irregular and much-deserved period of "me" time.

Helps to Make Skin More Radiant

Regular facials and other skin care procedures will naturally improve your skin. This could entail anything from lessening the appearance of sunspots and fine wrinkles to minimizing acne. Taking care of one’s skin from an early age is essential. By doing this, people are putting themselves in the greatest possible position to maintain skin as they age gradually.


Eliminating harmful and toxic compounds from the body is known as detoxification. A spa focusing on this area is the only location to do that. In addition to losing weight, your body will be free of harmful toxins. The body will use its fat reserves as fuel while detoxifying. When fats break down, toxins are released into the bloodstream, and the excretory system will function as it should.

Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Heart disease is a concern that high blood pressure poses. Receiving massage therapy will reduce blood pressure by calming the sympathetic nervous system. Your blood pressure will drop while your heart rate will increase with a spa soak and a massage. By far enhancing the circulatory system's performance, it will significantly improve your cardiovascular wellness.


One of the best ways to meditate and enjoy peace of mind is to get a spa treatment. Meditation vastly improves concentration and raises one's level of happiness. Numerous spas provide yoga classes. Yoga is one of the finest methods to meditate, according to research. Yoga will have an added benefit because it will significantly increase your flexibility and fitness and put them on par with your meditation ability. Making better decisions is enhanced by mental clarity.

Releases Serotonin and Dopamine

Science have discovered that the body gains from higher amounts of serotonin and dopamine after receiving a massage. This is why many people who experience depression, including those who experience seasonal depression, decide to treat themselves to a soothing spa treatment regularly.

Treat Yourself at the Haven of Wellness

Rejuvenate and replenish. Relaxing and calm. A sanctuary for the body and the spirit. Massages, facials, full-body therapies, and skilled practitioners foster wellness and a long-lasting sense of calmness. Experience the Maldivian traditions and contemporary methods of spa treatment as you let your soul be filled with a deep understanding of tropical spice only at Huvafen Fushi Resort Maldives. Get in touch with the live travel experts of to book your stay and get exclusive deals at Timeless Luxury at Huvafen Fushi Resort Maldives.