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Hilton Honors Member Benefits: Ultimate Guide

Hilton Honors Member Benefits: Ultimate Guide Image

In the most extraordinary ways, Hilton Honors helps you get closer to the things that are most important to you. Take advantage of the opulent and excellent service offered by the Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa portfolio to create the most remarkable travel and lodging memories. As all Hilton Maldives Honors members have access to unique discounts and promotions, discover exceptional deals maximizing your overall experience.

What is Hilton Honors Membership?

Hilton Honors Membership provides a privilege to convert travel with Hilton exclusive partners, accrue points on your stays that can be exchanged for free nights, and much more.

When you stay at one of our more than 6,700 hotels around the world, including incredible resorts, luxury hotels, and boutique hotels, as a Hilton Honors member, you'll get special benefits. The best part is that joining is free.

How do I earn Hilton Honors status?

For each US dollar, you spend on your room rate, services, and other eligible room expenses, such as phone calls and room service, once you've finished an eligible stay at a Hilton Honors Hotels or resort in the Hilton Portfolio, you'll receive 10 Hilton Honors Base Points.

When you travel, buy, eat, or spend money with our partners, you can also accrue Hilton Honors Points. With hundreds of partners across the world, including car rentals, credit cards, and wine clubs, Hilton Honors offers customers additional chances to earn Hilton Honors Points. For a comprehensive list of all of our partners, please refer to the Earn & Use Points section.

What is the Hilton Honors Member Benefits?

There are different membership tiers for every member that vary depending on the frequency and types of services that every patron avails of. The regular member may enjoy the following benefits:

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Member Tier Benefits

  • Guaranteed Hilton Honors Discount rate

As a Hilton Honors Member, you will receive a special rate when making a reservation on or our mobile app.

  • Points toward free nights, services, travel partners, and more

Each stay will earn you points. Use them with our exclusive travel partners, events, and more to turn them into free nights.

  • No resort fees on reward stays

Your reward stay is well-deserved. When you use 100% Points, enjoy it without any further fees.

  • Digital Check-in and Check-out

The Hilton Honors app lets you check in from anywhere. And using the Hilton Honors app, check out from anywhere.

  • Choose Your Room

Up to 24 hours in advance, choose from a room's inventory.

  • Access to Exclusive Hilton Honors Experiences

Give yourself the gift of an unforgettable experience. Auction off special packages, or use your Points to get an incredible deal.

  • Digital Key

Using your device and the Hilton Honors app, unlock doors.

  • Free Wi-Fi

Get connected with the free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Your membership may also upgrade to Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Every tier enjoys more perks depending on your earned base points. Hilton Silver enjoys more perks than regular members, as Hilton Honors Gold Benefits are superior to Silver, and Diamond with the best list of benefits among the tiers.

Silver Tier Benefits

In addition to Member benefits, you'll receive

  • 20% bonus points when you stay

With a 20% Bonus on Base Points earned from each stay, you can accrue free nights more quickly.

  • a free fifth night

When you reserve a basic room stay with 100% Points, your fifth night is free.

  • Exceptional Rollover Nights

Give yourself a head start on next year's status by rolling over additional nights.

  • Discount for All-Inclusive Spa

15% off is available at an All-Inclusive spa that is part of the Hilton brand family.

Gold Tier Benefits

In addition to your regular Member & Silver perks, you'll get:

  • Bonus points of 80% for stays

With an 80% Bonus on Base Points earned from each stay, you can accrue free nights even faster.

  • Room upgrades based on available space

Up to Executive Floor room types are yours if we have a better room available.

  • Continental breakfast or Daily Food & Beverage Credit (only valid at U.S. hotels) (non-U.S. hotels)

Your MyWay perks include a Daily Food & Beverage Credit at selected U.S. brands and a free continental breakfast at selected international brands. 

Each night of your stay, you and up to one additional person who is registered in the same room will receive either a credit or a continental breakfast. Breakfast served to Diamond and Gold members at the Executive Lounge is not eligible for the Daily F&B Credit.

  • Milestone Rewards

Once you've stayed 30 nights in a year, earn 10,000 Bonus Points every 10 nights.

Diamond Tier Benefits

In addition to the Member, Silver & Gold perks, you'll get:

  • 100% bonus points when you stay

On every stay, receive a 100% bonus on all base points earned.

  • Room upgrades based on available space

Up to a 1-bedroom suite is yours if we have a better room available.

  • Access To An Executive Lounge

Focus or relax—or do both! — and unwind in our tranquil retreat with special amenities.

  • Extension of the diamond status

With a one-time extension, benefit from an extra year of Diamond benefits. Available after three years as a Diamond Member and 250 total nights spent or 500,000 base points earned.

  • High-end Wi-Fi

Upgrade to the hotel's fastest Wi-Fi at premium speeds.

  • 48-hour guarantee on rooms

If you contact the hotel at least 48 hours before your visit, you can still book a room, even if the hotel is already full. However, there are some limits to the perks of Hilton Diamond benefits by brand.

  • Elite status gifting benefit

Once you hit 40 (forty) nights in a calendar year, you will have the privilege to gift Gold status to any member. If you hit 70 (seventy) nights, then that gift can be upgraded to the Diamond tier.

Top 12 Hilton Honors FAQs

  1. How can I earn a Hotel Reward stay?

With as few as only 5,000 Points a night and in an increment of 1,000 Points, you can enjoy the reward to stay using almost any combination of Points and cash.

  1. What qualifies as an eligible hotel stay?

Whether or not a person checks out and back in again, the total number your consecutive nights spent at the same hotel is referred to as a "stay." The following kinds of ineligible stays are specifically excluded from the definition of "stay": wholesale or tour operator packages, travel agency discount rates, contracted crew rates, packages only for cardholders of casinos, Hilton Family Travel Rates, Team Member Travel rates, stays booked using Hilton Grand VacationsTM Club and Hilton Club timeshare programs, Hilton Grand VacationsTM marketing packages with a requirement for a sales presentation, and complimentary stays; Reward Stays (as defined herein); contractual Entertainment or Encore rates; NET Group rates; Series Group or IT Group rates; third-party website bookings (regardless of the rate paid); as well as "opaque" channel bookings which the brand may or may not be disclosed at the time of purchase. For any reason or during ineligible stays, including, without limitation, folio costs  it is not possible to earn Hilton Honors Points. 

The entire stay is regarded as a "reward stay" if at least one night of the member's trip was booked using Hilton Honors Points. The Participating hotel will decide whether incidental fees incurred during certain stays are eligible for Points, with the exception that incidental fees at Hampton InnTM, Homewood Suites by HiltonTM, and Home2 Suites by HiltonTM will not be eligible for earning Hilton Honors Points.

  1. I don't have sufficient Points to book a Reward room. What can I do?

You shouldn't be prevented from traveling because you don't have enough Points. Because of this, Hilton Honors Members can book a normal or premium room using both money and Hilton Honors Points. In order to earn sufficient Points to redeem for a reward room, you can also buy Points whenever you want.

  1. What are Premium Room Rewards?

Using Hilton Honors Points, you can use Premium Room Rewards to book the best rooms and suites. With no ban dates, you can reserve deluxe rooms or suites at any of the hotels or resorts throughout the world. Even our most opulent beachfront penthouse apartments can be yours if they are still available when your reservation is made. Depending on the room, hotel, booking, and stay date, different amounts of Points are needed to redeem Premium Room Rewards.

  1. Even if I don't book any stays at hotels within the Hilton portfolio, will my Hilton Honors account remain active?

Your accrued Points may be lost if you don't engage in any eligible activity for 24 consecutive months. You can revive your account by doing one of the following things:

  • Stay at a Hilton Portfolio hotel or resort to renew your membership; or

  • Earn Hilton Honors Points by using any additional Hilton Honors Point-generating methods, such as using a Hilton Honors credit card; or

  • Invest in Hilton Honors Points; or

  • Donate Hilton Honors Points via Hilton Honors Giving Back Program If you fail to take any of the aforementioned actions within the allotted 90 days, all accumulated Points will be forfeited, and your account will be deactivated after five years of inactivity. Prior to the Hilton Honors Points being lost, you can exchange them for any Hilton Honors prize for which you are qualified.

  1. What are the 2023 tier qualifications?

The criteria for 2023 status are:

  • 10 (Ten) nights, 4 (four) stays, or 25,000 Base Points for Silver

  • 40 (Forty) Nights, 20 (twenty) Stays, or 75,000 Base Points to earn Gold

  • Diamond: 120,000 Base Points, or 60 (sixty) nights or 30 (thirty) stays

  1. Do rollover nights account for the status qualification in 2023?

Yes, additional qualifying nights over those needed to achieve the required elite status level for the year 2022 will count toward achieving the required status in 2023.

  1. What is the Point Expiration Policy?

Your Hilton Honors account must be active for a minimum of 24 months, instead of the previous 15 months. Members must have an active Hilton Honors account to maintain their Hilton Honors Points. Your account will lose all remaining Points under the new rules if it is inactive for 24 continuous months.

  1. What are Milestone Bonuses?

When a member reaches a predetermined threshold of valid nights throughout a calendar year, they are eligible to receive a milestone bonus, which entitles them to a set number of Hilton Honors Bonus Points.

  1. For basic Points & Money reward stays, room rewards, or premium room rewards, will I receive Hilton Honors Points?

An eligible folio charge of which Points will be issued is the money spent on the room rate proportionate to Points & Money Rewards. Various brands and types of charges have different policies regarding which incidentals can be used to gather Hilton Honors points.

  1. What is the difference between base Points and bonus Points?

The Hilton Honors Base Points and Hilton Honors Bonus Points are the two types of Hilton Honors Points. For free hotel stays and other benefits, you can use any number of Base Points and Bonus Points.

Basis Points for Hilton Honors

When you stay at one of our inns or resorts, you can accrue Hilton Honors Base Points (see question #5 above). The more frequent you stay with the Hilton Portfolio, the more privileges you'll be able to take advantage of. Hilton Honors Base Points will also help you become eligible for a higher tier status.

Bonus Hilton Honors Points

Hilton Honors Bonus Points may be acquired in various ways at our hotels and through our partners all around the world. You can earn Bonus Points for many types of transactions when you use one of our Hilton Honor cards. Or acquire Bonus Points by purchasing online or hiring a car. Hilton Honors Bonus Points don't count toward tier qualification, in contrast to Base Points. Find out more about Points.

  1. For Points & Money reward stays, basic room rewards, or premium room rewards, will I receive Hilton Honors Points?

An eligible folio charge of Points will be issued for the money spent on the room rate proportionate to Points & Money Rewards. Various brands and types of charges have different policies regarding which incidentals will be used to achieve Hilton Honors points.

Be a Hilton Honors Member now and enjoy the optimum of your vacation with its overwhelming benefits. Log in to and book your stay at Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa.