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Honeymoon in the Maldives: What to Prepare

Honeymoon in the Maldives: What to Prepare Image

You will be passionately adoring your sentimental moments after your touching union of souls following your wedding event or amorous anniversary, the gracious Maldives is there to aggrandize your loving moments with your partner. Here are the precious facts you might consider in you Maldives honeymoon.

Is Maldives worth it for honeymoon?

The steadfast beauty of the Maldives does not only suit best for summer season but stretches all throughout the year. And the tempting charm of the island beaches does not only spark in the rays of sunlight but also glows in the mystical breeze of the nights. 

The Maldives has the amenities and offer services that would definitely complete your passionate honeymoon. Moreover, the Maldives vacation packages for couple is much more of a reason for picking this place for your sweet events.

The mysterious features of the Maldives help serenade your loving souls. The glistening sand dunes of white beaches along with the lively splashes of the turquoise waves of the sea is a perfect place for couples to spend your lovely times together. 

On the right season, the bioluminescent sea algae make the water glow at night that outlines the waves and magically colors the sands. 

The Maldives luxury resorts also offer water villas that give you more privacy in spending glorious time with your soulmate. You get to feel the cold breeze of the Indian Ocean at night and cherish the beauty of the horizon and the azure skies during the day. 

The Maldives welcomes all couples to their resorts, even gay couples enjoy the dazzling beauty of the archipelagic islands.

And the best factor that makes it the best spot for your honeymoon is the vacation packages for couples in Maldives. These packages differ in price range, locations, included experiences and activities that you both should enjoy. 

Travel agencies also allow you to select or customize the package according to your interests. Destinations, amenities, and the type of service can all be arranged to suit well to your liking.

What should we carry to Maldives?

Just like with the other countries, it is highly recommended to always carry your travelling documents with you to enjoy your stay in hotels and private beach resorts in Maldives

Your passport, travel declaration form, and other pertinent documents should always stick with you. Although, you will be given a no-cost visitor visa for thirty days stay, there is no harm in bringing your own with you if you already have it.

Aside from the documents, it is Maldives! Always bring your sunscreen, hats, and shades with you. Everybody knows how irresistible Maldives is, it sure makes us all excited, but be sure to protect your eyes and skin. Dress that will help you cool your body in hot gusts of the winds is highly suggested.

Never forget to bring your camera. Of course! The scenic beauty of Maldives is picturesque. Relish the memory and cherish the pictures that you can carry. 

You might also consider bringing your diving suit or snorkeling gear with you. Plan ahead and prepare everything you need to maximize your vacation in the Maldives.

What can you not bring to the Maldives?

Common contraband items are the same things you should never carry into the Maldives. To name a few, firearms, explosive devices, and harmful substances are prohibited. In honor of the country’s traditions and beliefs, it is also recommended for you to leave religious materials at home. You should not bring your own alcoholic beverage as well for these items are only served in resorts and hotels in the Maldives. Rest assured that everything will be taken care of, from the food to activities, by your booked resort or hotel. Your honeymoon will be significantly romantic with the luxury private resort in Maldives taking care of realizing your lovely honeymoon plan.

Which month is the best month to visit Maldives?

It is best to book a honeymoon packages Maldives from November to December when there is a very low chance of rain. The climate is warm and the temperature would just play around 29°C to 31°C during this season. It is best if you want you and your partner to maximize bathing in the golden sunshine of this tropical country. During this season, expect the highest greetings of the sun to your love stories and the warmest breeze of the sea welcoming you to your lovely getaway.

Other than the warm seasons, the Maldives will always be heartfelt to welcome vacations throughout the year. The archipelagic islands of Maldives always have something to offer for travelers to enjoy. Aside from the majestic beaches, the landmarks, culture, food, and water activities are always lovely to partake in. 

Popular Maldives honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon tours have been so popular in the Maldives, and lately, couples of the LGBTQ community have been sharing their vacation experiences in the islands as well. The Maldives vacation package for couple are not exclusively for man and woman, and now for both the same sexes too. 

The most popular honeymoon packages are the luxurious ones which include almost any activity you can name that the Maldives can offer. Luxury packages get the best amenities in destinations and are known to meet and beyond the guests’ expectations. 

Although, individual interests of couples are unique; it is definitely a factor for us to consider the experiences of other people in their destination and take their stories as inspirations as what we also want to experience ourselves. But always consider how you want to enjoy your vacation with your soulmates. Both of your interests and goals for the tour are considered upon booking. 

Things like these should be discussed with the travel agency experts upon booking so the plan will be in place before your trip, so the only thing that is left for you to do is relish the whole get together with your significant other.

How expensive is Maldives honeymoon?

The cost of your sweet holiday vacation may vary depending on the inclusions, destinations, and the number of days you want to stay. 

To get the exact quote of your couple tour in the Maldives, visit Maldives Exclusive portal through or speak to their live expert agent to discuss and arrange the details.

A sun-sational couple holiday in Maldives in your honeymoon just feels like you are a match made in heaven.

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