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Island Retreat At Joali Maldives: The Perfect Getaway for Young Explorers

Island Retreat At Joali Maldives: The Perfect Getaway for Young Explorers Image

The Island of Maldives is so entangled in every mind of the people as a dream-like honeymoon destination that every couple wishes for. Yes, it is true that with the tropical elegant beach houses and villas, luxury hotels, white sand beaches, and sparkling blue waters, Maldives is synonymous with the word romance. However, with these features that this Island offers, it might also be suitable to be featured as an Island for the wellness of being. Among its 150-plus hotels, it has been hard to find one fully dedicated to well-being; that is why a luxury resort in Maldives offers a place for retreat perfect getaway for young explorers. 

Where is the perfect place for a retreat in Maldives?

Opened its benevolent doors last November 2021 to those who want to know themselves better or to those who are soul-searching, the Island of Joali is the perfect place for a retreat. Along with the invitation of joy through the thrill of exploration or the ecstasy of transformation settled in a paradise of blue lagoons, powdery sands, and lush palms, it is an assurance of a safe haven for your well-being.

The Joali Maldives Resort is set in the stunning Raa Attol, which offers two spectacular Islands. First is the Joali Maldives, where travelers can experience the indulgence of artworks unfolded like magic across the Island, and second, Joali Being, the first retreat site in Maldives where nature blends with ancient wisdom thru modern science to bring the retreatants a metamorphic journey.

What is an Island Retreat at Joali Maldives?

An Island Retreat is redefined here at Joali Maldives Resort where the setting heads towards the inspiration to create a unique wellness program, not only for adults but also perfect for those young explorers. The idea of crafting this innovation at Joali aims to engage in activities and therapies that help you release whatever is not serving you and experience the buoyant, releasing sensation that follows, such as sound healing and reflexology. 

Retreat Wellness Program at Joali Being

There is different types of wellness programs available in Joaili for starting and seasoned in wellness training. Immersion Program Energy, Skin, Mind, and Weight Rebalance are meant to help reach physical and emotional well-being.

Photo Courtesy: Joali Being Maldives

Generally, during the 5-, 7-, or 12-night stay the different wellness programs suited for adults and youth, includes complementary mind and body, movement and meditation class, complementary learning activities, pre-arrival well-being consultation, departure well-being consultation, integrative lifestyle assessment, follow-up well-being consultation, custom medicinal herbal tea, and essential oil roller, the four pillars signature massage, private mindful movement session, skin and body rejuvenation treatment, mind balance treatment, tea celebration, private mind and body specialized session, and Aktar herbology workshop. 

After the nights of stay at Joali, it will be an assurance that you will improve your understanding of your best wellness route, reduce anxiety, physical fatigue, and mental weariness, improve your focus and mental power, enhance your emotional equilibrium, receive resources to help you engage in and commit to your well-being objectives, boost your energy to face life, lessen your work stress, and learn how your connection to nature positively affects your overall well-being.

Services offered in a retreat at Joali Maldives

Parallel to the Philosophy of Joali, where the transformative journey begins, retreatants will be guided to the path of self-discovery and renewal. Revival begins from poignant and soulful relaxation to open-plan nutrition and interactive learning, anchored with individual lifestyles and goals.

Before arriving at Joali Being in Raa Atoll’s Bodufushi Island, the retreatants or guests will have a wellness consultation over the phone. After undergoing a comprehensive integrative health assessment and movement analysis to know which wellness pillar to focus on during the stay. The four-wellness pillar is Mind, Microbiome, Skin, and Energy. Then a team of experts will customize a five-, seven-, or 12-day immersion program based on the pillar chosen.

Culinary Arts

As a creative way of rediscovering yourself, food is one of the gateways. For this reason, Joali has an open-plan interactive dining space featuring three signature kitchens:

  1. Plantae for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

  2. Su for retreatants or guests who love ocean-to-table food.

  3. B’well features Earth-to-table meals.

Photo Courtesy: Joali Being Maldives

For retreatants who love to write their journals during sunset, there is Mojo – a tropical beach haven located on a three-layered sundeck and is ideal for quiet time and self-reflection.

All food and beverage options in Joali Culinary arts have been planned with the help of an expert retreat nutritionist, offering a variety of flavors and cuisines with healthy and mouth-watering options. Personalized nutrition sessions and co-created menu recommendations are available for more intimate self-discovery.

Well Living Spaces

All living Spaces in Joali are built according to the principle of biophilic design. The retreat space induces peace, harmony, and balance by eliminating negative ambiance and enhancing the vibe and energy flow of the landscape.

All villas feature a Private Pool, Jadugar (Butler) Service, King/Twin Size Bed, Bang & Olufsen, Air-Conditioning, Sea-View, Hairdryer, In-Villa Safety Box, Non-Allergenic Pillows, Multi-Line Telephone with Voicemail, Tea/Coffee Making Facilities, Wellbeing Bar, IDD Telephone and WiFi, Outdoor Rain Shower.

Here are some of the well-living spaces: