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The Ultimate Luxury Yachting Experience in the Maldives

The Ultimate Luxury Yachting Experience in the Maldives Image

The archipelagic country of the Maldives is ninety-nine percent water, and most of the enthralling activities lie on their waters. Exactly the perfect place to relax with your significant other, alone together, indulging in the serenity of the perpetual sight of the tropical horizon. Fulfill your romantic dream with the Maldives honeymoon vacation packages enjoying a luxury yacht charter building indelible memories of your perfect love story.

Can you yacht in the Maldives?

The Maldives is absolutely the perfect place for you to charter a yacht to enjoy your vacation. The tropical sea bracing the majestic high-end resorts in Maldives is renowned for its gleaming crystal-clear waters that will surely captivate an adventurer at heart like you. 

The best way to indulge in the calmness of these waters is to draw nearer and admire its tranquility closely. Most of the Maldives luxury hotels and resorts have villas perching right above the waters but chartering a luxurious yacht and sail off towards the endless sea just brings another level of quietude and privacy.

The splendid country of the Maldives has become a prime destination for privacy as they champion luxury as their ultimate commodity. To lavish the optimum luxury of the shimmering silvery island resorts, one of the best ways is to glide on the turquoise waters with a boat, yacht, or catamaran. So, make sure to include a yacht charter in your Maldives all-inclusive holiday experience.

Can I sail to the Maldives?

The usual practice of transportation from one island to another in the Maldives can be via a water vessel or a seaplane. Sailing in the Maldivian sea is a very scenic experience that will definitely sate and calm your mind. You may arrange in advance a sensational voyage with a catamaran or a yacht if you wish to take advantage of the pure isolation and solitude of the sea. 

If you are to make an inbound stopover, although it is not the usual practice of entering the Maldives, there is a legal procedure to anchor over and moor on the shore of this hospitable country. For making an inbound stopover, it would be necessary to get checked by the designated authorities for an inbound clearance. The Immigration, Navy and Customs officers, together with an agent, should complete the inspection upon arrival. The same assessment should be performed again upon departure.

Doing an inbound stop-over will never be possible without an agent to arrange the transaction, and this can never exceed 48 hours. An agent should inform you of the necessary documents to prepare from inbound to outbound. It does not require a specialized cruising permit, but you should still follow certain restrictions to do so.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in the Maldives?

If you want to set sail towards the seclusion in the middle of the sea to enjoy complete calmness and quietude; perhaps set up a romantic date with your better half in the middle of the sea, chartering a yacht in the luxury private resort in Maldives will be the wisest choice for you.

You can commission a yacht for a day in the Maldives for an average cost of $1100 per day and around $19000 for a weeklong charter for a luxury yacht. Depending on the arrangements, price factors may vary depending on the duration, destination, crew to be included, fuel cost, and other considerations that you want to request to personalize the sailing experience. 

How much does a luxury private yacht cost?

Chartering a yacht for your Maldives luxury resorts experience would be your best option to realize the opulence of your vacation in this highly coveted destination. But if you desire to brandish your own extravagance, you can purchase your very own luxury private yacht. 

The price of a luxury private yacht runs around $5 million to $13 million dollars depending on your take on luxury. The price difference is affected by the make, model, year, condition, size, and other features of the yacht that you want to be included. 

You might have to consider the lifestyle, purpose, and other criteria that might affect the rationale of your accrual. With luxury considered, the most expensive yacht known in the world is the "History Supreme," which measures 100 feet in size. This superyacht is covered in platinum and gold bow and stern and costs $4.8 billion. Luxury at its finest!

10 Luxury Charter Yachts in the Maldives

Indulge in the best luxury all-inclusive resorts Maldives with the deluxe vacation experience. Charter any of the following luxury yachts towards the peaceful waters of the Maldives for a magnificent tropical vacation. 


Espen Oeino, a highly esteemed superyacht luminary, created the magnificent and extraordinary luxury charter yacht with a size of 279ft or 85.30m to be a very roomy explorer vessel, the BOLD. The sundeck has numerous outdoor areas with sunbeds and sun loungers, while the upper deck aft has a jacuzzi that can cater up to eight people. 

This 400-square-meter teak deck with foldable bulwarks is great for launching toys and tenders. There's also a yoga room, helipad, hangar, theater, gym, and dance area. The Bold's eight cabins include an owner's suite, three VIPs, and four guest cabins. 13 cabins for the charter crew of 20 people.