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Maldives Holiday Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Maldives Holiday Guide - Everything You Need to Know Image

Do I need a sunscreen?

As you see, since the Maldives Island resort is smack dab in the middle of the equator, the sun rays aren't to be taken lightly. The sun is wonderful in the morning and evening, but it can be scorching in the middle of the day. If you have sensitive skin, don't forget to pack some sunscreen and moisturizer in your backpack. 

First, choose sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50. Since a dip in the sea is obligatory once in the country, sunblock is almost always better than sunscreen because it can be absorbed deeper into the skin for better protection. 

Second, get the best moisturizer for your skin, preferably with Aloe Vera extract (for enhanced healing), to rub in before sleep, so your skin doesn't look like a jellyfish on a hot pan towards the end of your Maldives Holiday. Finally, a snorkeling rash guard will keep you from getting a sunburn on your back.

What is the weather in the Maldives

It's now time to double-check your clothing selection. Heavy clothing will make you miserable here at the equator. Instead, choose thin, cotton clothing. Guys will be happy with loose-fitting shirts and polo shirts, as well as boardshorts or roomy running shorts. 

Ladies will love wearing diaphanous blouses, maxi dresses, and sundresses, especially when paired with pashminas or shawls draped over bare shoulders. Kaftans and rompers also work well in the Maldivian environment. 

Fill your suitcase with as many swimsuits as you can. Sarongs are heavenly in the island nation's climate, for both men and women. But you can choose to overlook this item when you're packing and buy a sarong in the Maldives Islands when you get here. That way, you'll have a cool souvenir to take home with you.

Don't forget to bring sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats (for both men and women), tank tops, and sandals or flip-flops. Last but not least, ladies, don't bring your high heels. Wedges are great, but high heels will not work on the powdery, soft sand of the resort islands.

Which type of camera is best to capture memories at Maldives

Your camera needs underwater casing/protection because that's how you're going to get the best marine life pictures you can take in the Maldives, which is underwater. Without a doubt, GoPros and drones will take the best images of your Maldives holiday. Your day pack should be waterproof so you can keep your phone safe and close by while swimming.

Additional things to bring along

Some medications and vitamins might also be necessary to bring. To avoid dehydration, carry some oral rehydration packets along with your preferred headache medication if you are prone to it. In most resorts, insects aren't a major issue, but having an insect repellant on hand is a must. Antidiarrheal medication, decongestants, and allergy treatments are vital; it is always preferable to be prepared in this department. Anti-motion sickness medication should also be a top priority in your first-aid box. Your journey will most likely begin with a speedboat shuttle or a seaplane flight. Almost all excursions include water travel. If you have a sensitive stomach, anti-motion sickness medicines will come in handy.

Finally, have you packed a plug or an adaptor for your electronics? Most resorts have standard UK three-pin sockets with a voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz, but there's no way to be sure whether you'd need flat or round prongs since both types are equally common in the Maldives. Make sure to bring several universal travel adapters with you. Bestek Travel Converter and Adapter and Xcords Worldwide, All in One Universal Travel Plug, are two examples; both are reasonably priced and available on Amazon.

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about... You could believe that you can get whatever you need at the resort. There is no assortment of malls on resort islands to choose from. Each resort has a clinic and a few small stores. Although you will be able to buy certain products in an emergency, you should brace yourself for exorbitant prices and the potential of not finding exactly what you want. Packing wisely ensures less financial stress and inconvenience throughout your holiday.

It's about time to start preparing for your most memorable lifetime vacation in the Maldives, the world's most famous holiday resort. 

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