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Maldives International Travel Advisory 2022

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Republic of Maldives

Maldives, also known as Maldive Islands, in full as Republic of Maldives, is an independent island country situated in the North-central region of the Indian Ocean. This Islamic country nestles with a vast 90,000 square kilometers of territory, including the sea, with a land area of its islands measuring up to 298 square kilometers, which explains its abundance of marine life. This archipelagic country is a part of Southern Asia and lies right on the equator enjoying the tropical blessings of the region.


187 of the Maldives' 1,192 islands are inhabited. The islands are made up of coral atolls perched atop submerged volcanoes. The islands average 1.5 meters above sea level.


The Maldives' population stems from the Maldivian ethnic group, whose aborigines settled there for commercial activity. Their population is 540,986; most dwell in Malé, Maldives


Due to the country's assets, Maldives is seen as a top destination for romantic and adventurous excursions. The Maldives is a top wedding, honeymoon, diving, and recreation destination. Tourism accounts for 28% of GDP and 60% of foreign exchange revenues. You can check some maldives luxury vacation packages available now.

General Travel Advice

To enter the Maldives, all travelers must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of entry. Free tourist visas with a validity of thirty days will be provided by the government of the Maldives to any and all visitors who present the necessary travel documentation.

Visa Types and the required documents for application:

Tourist Visa:

You must apply for a tourist visa if you are visiting the Maldives as a tourist for your leisure or escapade. Upon your arrival, the Maldives government provides you with a tourist visa, which is good for 30 days. Foreign visitors may request a sixty-day extension, but the request must be made two days before the expiration of your tourist visa.

Documents required for a tourist visa:
  • A ticket for your flight from the Maldives should be in your possession.

  • Two clear pictures of the applicant.

  • Copies of the reservations you've made for any lodging you've selected for the trip, including hotels.

  • A legitimate passport must be valid for at least six months after the departure date of your trip.

  • Evidence that you are traveling with a sufficient financial budget. In order to make sure you have enough money to pay for your expenses throughout your stay, the authorities will check the cash.

Business Visa

If you plan to travel to the Maldives for business purposes, you are required to submit an application for a business visa. Before your application for a business visa may be accepted, the government authorities of the Maldives need to provide their stamp of approval to your company.

Documents required for business visa:
  • A fully completed application for a business visa that includes all necessary applicant information.

  • A certificate of qualification from the relevant institution that details the applicant's visit's purpose, experience, length of stay, and precise location within the nation.

  • A record that can serve as evidence of the applicant's health coverage.

  • A document confirming the organization's or company's registration.

  • Two duplicates of the passport's biodata page.

Family or Friend Visit Visa

If you are planning a trip to the Maldives to see friends or family members, you can submit an application for a friend or family visit visa.

Documents required for friend/family visa:
  • Two colored pictures of the applicant.

  • An airline ticket that includes the date of departure from the nation.

  • A letter of invitation from a friend or member of the family who lives in the Maldives who is concerned.

  • Documentation demonstrating your ability to pay your way while you're abroad.

  • A passport that is up-to-current and has at least six months left before its expiration date.

  • Documentation showing where you will stay while you are in the nation.

Costs for Visa application

A thirty-day free tourist visa is provided upon arrival; however, if you want the visa to be extended for a further ninety days, you will be required to pay an amount of Rs 3350.

You must submit the original form to the Immigration Office at Malé International Airport and pay a charge of Rs 3582(MVR750) one hour before you arrive in the country once your business visa application has been granted and you have received notification via email.


The main currency of the Maldives is Maldivian rufiyaa which is abbreviated as MVR and represented with the currency symbol Rf. Their currency is non-convertible and cannot be purchased prior to arrival. Their money comes in notes of 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, and 5 Rufiyaa.

You are allowed to travel with US dollars and use them in the Maldives. And you may exchange them at the specialized foreign exchange counter, which is at the Bank of Maldives Foreign Exchange in the airport.

If you choose to complete a transaction with USD, be aware that certain establishments won't accept the old or damaged currency. Additionally, instead of dollars, the change you will receive is in rufiyaa. You can also make purchases using your credit or debit card, which is advisable when working with known establishments, and use cash for small-time transactions with the locals.

Climate and Natural Disasters in Maldives

The archipelagic islands of Maldives generally have a warm and humid tropical monsoon climate with a temperature around 28°C, or around 82.4° Fahrenheit.

With the current concerns associated with climate change, the Maldives government takes on the challenge of the rise of the sea level as its islands rise 1.5 meters above sea level on average. 

There are only two seasons in the Maldives: 

  • the dry season; and the

  • rainy season.

The dry season in Maldives stretches from December to April with the Northeast Monsoon that brings the lowest humidity and the driest weather of the year. This is considered to be the peak of Maldives as the tourists pour onto its tropical beaches to catch its winter sun with a steady temperature of 30°C. 

On the other hand, the rainy season in Maldives starts from the month of May to the month of November, with the Southwest monsoon dominating its weather. Even in the precipitation in Maldives, the temperature is relatively warm and evokes a charming ambiance of tranquility. 

The major natural disasters the Maldivian people experience are storms and flooding, commonly during rainy seasons, considering the level of elevation of its islands. In addition, earthquakes and tsunamis share the same percentage of possibility in the Maldives, which is relatively low since its archipelagic islands are not located near any known faults or other geological systems known today.

Local Contacts

In case of untoward incidents, you may use the following numbers for aid. Note that for medical emergencies, you must contact the hospital directly with the following numbers.


Emergency: 119 

Police Hotline: 332 2111 

Family and Child Protection Department: 979 0163 

Fire: 118 

Ambulance: 102

ADK Hospital: dial 331-3553

Tree Top Hospital: dial #1610

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital: dial 333-5335.

For maritime emergencies, contact the Coast Guard: dial 1-9-1.

East-West Rescue (for repatriation or air transportation) dial: 91-11-2469-9229, 2469-0429, or 2469-8865.

COVID-19 Toll-Free Hotline: 1676

Special Local Travel Guidelines

Religious Events: 

Maldives is very warm and hospitable to foreign travelers regardless of their beliefs and religion. However, as stipulated by the Maldivian law, carrying non-Islamic worship materials is prohibited. You can carry your own bible for your personal use only. Preaching your belief and religion in the Maldives is not allowed. 

Drugs and alcohol:

Maldives has a robust law against drugs. Importing or carrying drugs into the country serves severe penalties, which include life imprisonment. Outside of resorts, alcohol drinking and possession are likely to be taken seriously by the locals and the authorities. Alcoholic beverages are exclusively served in hotels especially in Maldives all-inclusive resorts.


Carrying weapons, ammunition, firearms, and explosives into the country of Maldives is deemed illegal and is punishable by law.


Exporting marine life, tortoise shells, and corals are forbidden in the Maldives.


It is an offense to carry and import pornographic materials in any form and is strictly prohibited.

Dual citizenship:

Dual citizenship is recognized by the Maldivian government. A Maldivian citizen is not required to renounce their Maldivian citizenship if they apply for citizenship in another nation.


If you intend to drive in the Maldives, you must have both your IDP or International Driving Permit and a current copy of your local, national driver's license. Your national driver's license is not sufficient to rent a car and operate a vehicle in the Maldives because an IDP is required.

Also, note that the left side of the Maldivian road is your driving side.


A student traveling to Maldives as a tourist will be required to submit necessary documents as a regular tourist. But for students who wish to study in Maldives, the following documents are deemed helpful for application:

  • Passport

  • Student Visa

  • Proof of Vaccinations

  • Proof of Age Card

  • Copies of the following Travel Documents:

  • Application Form

  • Passport

  • Passport Size photo

  • Valid work visa / Employment Approval (Copy)

  • Marriage certificate

  • If Children (Birth Certificate)

  • Health Insurance

  • Medical Report

Note that the right to refuse an entry lies at the discretion of the Immigration and not as a right to claim entry.

Women Travelers:

Women in Maldives are out, empowered, and take active roles in their careers and professions. And for travelers, the Maldives is generally safe for traveling women in a company or alone. But taking extra precautions will never be in vain.

LGBTQ++ Travelers:

The Maldives has Sharia Law in place. For the traveling members of the LGBTQ community, the resort will generously provide you absolute privacy in your rooms and villas, where you get to enjoy the tranquility of the country. In line with the law implemented, keep down the public display of affection and keep it personal and private.

Travelers Who Require Accessibility Assistance:

There are no notable concerns or discrimination against travelers who require accessibility assistance, with special needs, or with disabilities in the Maldives. But it will be to your advantage if you communicate with your travel experts the needs or special arrangements prior to booking.

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