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Maldives Paradise: Best Time To Visit

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The Maldives is generally welcoming and warm all throughout the year as this archipelagic country lies in the tropical haven of the equator. Its islands bring summery yuletides and sunny winter; and even evoke a fantasy level of clear azure skies, sparkling turquoise waters, and glistening dunes of white sand twelve months a year.

You might have to consider what experiences you want to build in these scenic islands to get the best of it. With the ever-changing vacation packages in the Maldives that would let you take advantage of, book your own escapade during the peak seasons.

When is the best time to visit the Maldives for good weather?

The Maldives is a wonderful group of islands packed with a balance of romantic destinations, adventurous spots, and nightlife escapades. You might imagine the Maldives with the everlasting sunshine as you always see the picturesque scenery of their beaches with a seemingly perpetual tropical vibe, although that is almost indisputable as this country's wet season also has plenty of sunny days and is generally warm in totality, the best weather in the Maldives is during the dry season.

The dry season in the Maldive islands stretches from December to the months of April. It is a pretty long span of days to enjoy the sultry beaches of the bountiful islands, but it surely will never be enough to experience everything that the Maldives can offer.

To get the best of the Maldives vacation packages for couple and build up your story under the captivating scenes of your destination, perfectly liberating weather that would allow you to enjoy the best of the beaches with the brightest skies for you to carry on your water adventures should be a sunny day with the calming gusts from the Indian ocean, kissing your cheeks and combing your hair. 

Moreover, it will always be good weather for you all throughout the year if you want to enjoy the world under the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The colorful reefs and the zestful life of the sea creatures will always be perfect for diving sites undisturbed by drizzling skies. In addition, you may also choose to unleash your spirits in the pubs and clubs in the nightlife in the Maldives as they rock right under the ocean waters enjoying the sea garden. Party can be enjoyed with the swaying marine life on the ocean floor.

Monthly Weather in Maldives

Generally, the Maldives experience wet and dry seasons spread throughout the year. 

From the months of May to November, this is considered to be the wet season of the country; there is a decent chance of rain and a good amount of precipitation that brings life to the lush greenery of the islands. Although these months are known to be the wet season, it does not promise rain on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, you still get plenty of sunny days around this season, a perk you get in lying around the equator of the world. It is still considerably warm around this period, with an average temperature of 28°C.

From the Christmas month of December moving onwards to the month of April, it is considered to be the driest season in the Maldives when you can expect the clearest skies and sparkling waves and sands on the beaches, like the perfect epitome of your tropical dream of escapade. Giving out a cozy winter sun in December to the driest sea breeze in the months of March and April, the Maldives is at its peak with a pour of visitors from around the globe. The average temperature around this season lies a little bit lower and just a little bit higher than 30°C, evoking a perfect summer getaway.

When is Maldives the cheapest?

Accommodation and lodging prices always vary depending on the site, inclusions, and the number of heads you book in the resort. The Maldives packages for couple will be the best way to take advantage of the season, especially if you are planning to share the memories of the destination with a loved one during the holiday season.

Generally, a stay in the Maldives is cheapest during the wet season. It is when there is less volume of travelers in this country, thinking that they may not be able to see the bright sun. But I kid you not, as the Maldives never loses its glory during this season as the days are still comfy, especially for a couple snuggling with love. Yes, there is less volume of visitors, but take it as a perk as that means more room of exclusivity for you.

Around the wet season, from April to November, you can take the panoramic scenes of the island all to yourselves building more fond memories as a couple. There will be no room for the season to spoil in your amorous getaway.

Here are things the things that you should share with your soulmate in the Maldives during the wet season:

1. Pamper yourselves in the Spa

When it is raining outside, you will always have the indoors to enjoy. Bring your partner to a spa and take time to relax together. Revitalize your bodies and souls together with different exotic treatments with aromatic oils with the masterful hands of the therapists. You may enjoy massages, scrubs, and facials with different approaches and techniques. One of the best Maldives packages for couple should include a visit in Spa.

2. Relax in Wellness and Yoga

Focusing on your inner wellbeing and natural health, the Maldives is home to different Yoga styles that you can practice with your partner. Enjoy the quietude of the islands during the wet season and give your mind a complete rest.

3. Enjoy Underwater Clubs and Restaurants

If the sky gets dark, take the blue waters as your new sky. The Maldives has a lot of remarkable underwater clubs and restaurants that evoke extreme luxury and exclusiveness in accommodation and serving. You will enjoy the vibrant fishes instead of birds, corals and reefs instead of grasses and palms, and the seafloor garden instead of land. Underwater clubs and restaurants are indisputable destinations in the Maldives.

4. Take Cooking Classes together.

Something that you can take home is the art of Maldivian cuisines. Enroll in a cooking class together, especially when you have a taste of becoming a culinary connoisseur. Cooking lessons in the Maldives are not exclusive to Maldivian cuisines as, in fact, the Maldives is the melting spot of gastronomic arts and culture of the neighboring countries back the days which they all serve in the present days.

5. Shop in Malé

In addition to beaches, hotels, and resorts, the Maldive's attractions extend to the locals and cities of the country. You may understand better the culture of the place as you give time to see their products as mementos and souvenirs for your trip. You may also purchase items and decorations as a remembrance of your sweet getaway to the Maldives.

6. Dive in a Scuba

There will be no better way to enjoy a wet day than to dive underwater and behold the placid life of the vibrant and vigorous sea creatures underwater. Swim with the calm manta rays and whales and enjoy the tranquility of the teal waters. All year-round, the Maldives will always be one of the best destinations for scuba diving.

7. Appreciate Snorkeling

Playing as the panoptic of the sea, you may indulge in snorkeling and enjoy the vibrance of the reefs and different schools of fishes while drifting in the waves of the Indian Ocean. Make sure that your Maldives couple package includes snorkeling for you to enjoy.

8. Go Surf

Let us take a step on the side of the linear description of the image of the Maldives with beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, lavish gastronomic delicacies, and enthralling water activities under the sun. The Maldives has more. During the wet season, from the months of May to October, this very same Southwest Monsoon makes stronger winds and bigger waves perfect for surfing. Especially for the surfing professionals, it is just the best time for you to ride the waves of the Maldivian sea.

9. Wine Tasting

The Maldives is also a home of astounding cellars with intensive choices of world-class wines. Spend your Maldives holiday package for couple enjoying a regal cellar hopping in the different wine vaults in the Maldives, tasting the perfect sweetness of time in a bottle

10. Visit the locals

The luxury of the resorts will never be enough to unfold the culture and stories of the Maldives. It would be best to give time to understand the richness of the Maldivian culture by going out and seeing for yourselves the locals. You will also get a chance to see a life unique from the world and eat delicacies that may not be on the lavish menus of the restaurants – the authentic.

Monsoon season in the Maldives

There are two distinct seasons in the tropical islands of Maldives, namely the Southwest Monsoon and the Northeast Monsoon. These two enlivens these wonderful islands with dynamic weather in either dry or wet seasons. Nevertheless, this cycle invigorates the greenery of the island, giving it more colors to behold.

The wet season in Maldives brought by the Southwest Monsoon normally begins from May, stretching to the month of November. Despite the usual cloudy weather around this season, there is still plenty of hot and dry days, and sunny periods still occur. The wet season in these tropical islands does not ensure daily rain showers but just records higher precipitation than other months of the year. In fact, it is still considerably warm during this wet season in the Maldives.

The dry season, on the other hand, brought by the Northeast Monsoon, usually kicks in around December, keeping up onwards to the month of April. This gives tourists from around the world the chance to see the winter sun on these tropical islands. Yuletides in the archipelagic islands of Maldives have been so coveted, spending the usually cold holidays under the warm embrace of the sun on the silvery beach of this haven. Moreover, the resorts give top-notch exclusivity and privacy for guests to spend their vacations in pure tranquility.

Ramadan in the Maldives

Ramadan is considered one of the sacred practices of the Islamic faith. Their submission to the Islamic faith through fasting, prayer, discipline, and introspection is indeed a remarkable deed we should look up to. 

All Muslims must fast for 30 days from dawn to dusk during the holy month of Ramadan, which falls on the ninth month of the lunar-based Islamic calendar. During this month, the mosques increase prayer timing, promoting much time for self-reflection and understanding of the teachings of the Quran.

Ramadan is also a wonderful time to visit the Maldives, especially if you wish to understand the beauty and culture of the country. At the same time, the hotels, resorts, and restaurants offer special iftar menus and Ramadan buffets exclusive to the season.

As a prime travel destination, appreciating their culture, beliefs, and practices is another way to appreciate the beauty of the country beyond pristine beaches and luxurious accommodations.

Best time to surf or dive in the Maldives?

The Maldives is, in fact, ninety-nine percent (99%) water and just 1 percent land. No wonder why the islands gleam; they have to. The sparkly sands and outstanding beaches in the Maldives are not yet everything that they could feature. Expect that most of the thrills and adventure of this destination lie on or under the waters.

The beauty of the Maldive Islands does not only perch on the white islands relished with lush greenery, but the underwaters of this country are just another world to behold. The rich coral reefs and vibrant schools of fish enlivens the sea just like a vigorous garden on the seafloor.

Surfing and diving in the Maldives are two of the best excursions you can indulge in during your escapade on these islands. You may enthrall yourself by riding in the waves in surfing or enjoy the quietude of the underwater world through diving. 

Diving in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the best diving destinations around the world, given that the water has more than decent visibility, rich marine life diversity, and the waters are diver-friendly and have a remarkable level of safety. More of a reason why resorts have facilities that offer diving instructions and lessons that eventually give you PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification.

Furthermore, the Maldives Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is continuously protecting Marine Protected Areas together with other organizations with hand in hand towards common goals, protecting the marine biodiversity of the country.

The Maldives is good for diving at any time. But if you wish to see manta rays and whale sharks during your underwater adventure, the months of August to November will be the best time for you. If you want to see the coral reefs and the lives they hold with the best visibility, the months from January to April will be best for you diving in the warmest months.

Surfing in the Maldives

The Maldives, being 99 percent water, has one of the best waves around the globe. The waves here are not so high and peel slowly above the sea, making them very suitable for newbies and intermediate surfers. 

If you wish to have stronger waves and have much more experience surfing, the waves tend to get bigger during the wet season, with the Southwest Monsoon, around May to November. During this season, with glassy days and consistent swells, experienced surfers ride the best waves on the horizon of the Maldives.

You may want to consider the top 5 surfing spots in the Maldives for the best experience:

  1. Chickens – North Male Atolls.

  2. Cokes – North Male Atolls.

  3. Jailbreaks – Himmafushi Island Kaafu Atoll.

  4. Lohis – Male Atolls.

  5. Natives or Foxys – South Male Atolls.

Take away…

The Maldives is a prime tourist destination with no breaks, all throughout the year. Depending on the experience you want to build, it may be best for you to consider the time of your visit and arrange your itinerary and bucket list to get the optimum of your escapade trip. 

Visit and speak with a live expert to arrange your booking in the best Maldives resort and hotels for your travel today.