Mujthaba - 23 Mar 2022

Party At Subsix Underwater Club Like You Never Experienced Before

Party At Subsix Underwater Club Like You Never Experienced Before  Image

When you visit a tropical island, one of the things you would look forward to is partying at the beach. Partying the whole night like there’s no tomorrow. But if you are looking for a complete one-of-a-kind party experience, Subsix underwater nightclub has the perfect venue for your taste. 

Famous for being the first underwater nightclub in Maldives, Subsix nestled in Niyama Private Islands, Huluwalu, Dhaalu Atoll. This underwater party club is 20 feet below the Indian ocean. You can reach the island via speedboat. 

Subsix underwater nightclub discotheque gives the guest the perfect access to seeing the underground paradise as the whole setting reflects the ocean. While you enjoy every beat of the music played by the DJ you get to see the sea creatures behind those large glass windows. 

Aside from that, you get mesmerized by the magical ambiance of the whole interior design inside from the Italian-themed décor with capiz shells that form a coral-like chandelier displaying like waves at the ceiling with cool blue water lights to the anemone-theme chairs and luxurious glass table setting where you see the reflection of the alluring ceiling. 

Just imagine clubbing at this kind of milieu six feet underneath the Indian ocean? 

From the blue light color around the club, it starts to transform into different colors like violet or green, red or combined colors, setting the party mood especially when the music starts to play.  The sundown party here in Subsix starts at 9 pm every Wednesday and Saturday.

Choose your best comfortable casual dress as you go there. 


And while you are enjoying your moves and grooves as you jive to the beat of the music, might as well partner it with cocktails right? 

In Subsix there are over twenty (20)  cocktails that are distinctive from each other. They have beverage menu where you can choose what’s best fit your party mood. From those that belongs to glow party cocktails like the Paloma, a combination of Don Julio tequila, Aperol, lychee, grapefruit, chili, and soda; and Coral Sour that is mixed of Elijiah Craig 12yo bourbon, lecompte 12yo, calvados, lime, apple and aperol. 

Or you might select Southside, a Hendricks gin-lime-mint-cucumber combination. 

Subsix has also what they call Signature cocktails composed of Deepwater Daiquiri, Bloody Cosmo, Mariners Martini, Akira, Kerb Crawler, and Sounds of Savory, all of these are available for your preference or choosing. 

There are different types of beers, gin, vodkas, tequilas, bourbon, rum, whisky among others that are available here. 


You would probably think of food and drinks with a good ambiance involving lights, decoration, sound among others if you say restaurants. Well, Subsix also offers an amazing experience for your dining. 

In the Maldives, restaurants bring the dining experience to a whole new level. Sumptuous meals are also offered here. 

Subsix presents subaquatic lunch for adults and also for kids. 

These are lusciously templated luring you to enjoy your meal. 

Subsix is one of the affordable underwater restaurants in Maldives. 

If you want to experience this underwater experience, Maldives Exclusive has specialists to assist you in your trip in the island.