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Reasons to Book your Maldives Summer Holiday Now

Reasons to Book your Maldives Summer Holiday Now Image

Why would you want to visit the Maldives?

The Maldives can showcase a plethora of adorable reasons for your visit to its archipelagic islands. This country is a package of abundance, presenting their culture, nature's gifts, water activities, cuisines, and many other blessings they share with all people who visit their place. The Maldives luxury hotels and resort are always accommodating travelers who wish to explore and cherish the extravagant gift they enjoy on their islands.

Here are the following reasons why people yearn to visit the Maldives:

The gorgeous beaches

The Maldives is tagged to have the best beaches with its clear turquoise waters and dazzling dunes of white-sand shorelines. Their beaches are like a perfect cut-out from the magazines you read featuring deluxe vacations. 

Their beautiful beaches are extremely unique and like no other because their sand comprises only 5 percent of beaches around the world of coralline origin. This makes the beaches of Maldives so rare. 

The Maldives, as a tropical country, enjoys the best amount of sunlight throughout the year, perfecting the Maldives to be the greatest beach vacation spot.

Nothing beats a picture-perfect of your summer vacation in the Maldives.

Water activities

The Maldives, as an archipelagic country, has a very wide view of the sea. They have more than forty thousand square kilometers of sea area that you can enjoy.

Check these water activities you can arrange on your visit to the Maldives:

  • Surfing – with the right timing, a camera click of your surfing sport with a gigantic curling wave behind you will definitely garner hearts and likes on your social media. Surfing indeed is the most beloved watersport that you can also enjoy in the Maldives. 

  • Scuba diving – relish the beauty of the Maldives under the sea. Scuba diving is the best to enjoy a closer experience with the colorful corals and fishes. 

  • Snorkeling – get to see the underwater coral gardens of the islands in the Maldives through snorkeling. You may find turtles, eels, manta rays, sturgeons, and various marine life enjoying their own ecosystem. If you get lucky, you may find an exotic fish as well.

  • Water skiing – Go! Dash around the resort at a racing speed with a water ski. Water skiing will surely exhilarate your summer vacation with your legs gliding on the sea waves of the Maldives.

  • Dolphin watching – you may also arrange a booking to indulge in the dolphin watching tour and witness the life of intelligent dolphins bouncing through the waters of the Maldives.

  • Jet ski – splash the turquoise waters of the Maldives sea with a jet ski – a real adventure.

  • Flyboarding – you may also feel like Ironman on the waters of the Maldives with flyboarding. This may sound challenging, but you beat it. Book now!

  • Banana boat ride – if you are with your friends or your partner, love sharing an inflatable banana boat ride around the beach of the Maldives islands.

  • Kitesurfing – enjoy the warm climate blowing your kite while kitesurfing on the sea of the islands. Get ready for the tricks and unleash them on the waters.

  • Paddleboarding – stand up on the board above the undisturbed azure waters while paddleboarding.

  • Kayaking – experience kayaking with your significant other on the calm, clear water of the Indian sea. Kayaking is just adorable.

  • Fishing – how about enjoying fishing and see attuned you are to catching fish. 

  • Island hopping – if you wish to have a quick tour of their islands, book an island hopping during your visit.

  • Sunset cruise – for a relaxing rest, enjoy the tranquility of a sunset cruise around the pristine islands of the Maldives under the crimson skies on the horizon.

Luxurious accommodations

The Maldives accommodations stretch from economical to premium, which may include plane tours, infinity pools, private villas on shore or water, and may even include spirits or beverages in a luxurious service. If you wish to enjoy the best, book luxurious packages now.

Amalgamation of cuisines

The Maldives is a melting point of different cuisines from the East to the West. And the blessings of the sea, you get to taste the fresh serving of seafood dishes in various ways. Enjoy the combinations of cuisines and the view of the Maldives islands.

Culture and traditions

Witness the Boduberu dance show that showcases the colorful culture and tradition of the Maldives. They have a lot of unique customs and traditions that you can experience with their locals. Come and appreciate their culture and tradition.


You may also visit the Maldives and see the beauty of their landmarks to understand the beauty of their history. Museums, mosques, and local villages are just a few of the places you should visit to get a hold of their story.

Sky adventures

Arrange your travel and enjoy sky adventure like the following to see the Maldives from a new perspective.

  • Helicopter and plane tour – be ready to be amazed seeing the sporadic islands of the Maldives from a plane or a helicopter.

  • Skydiving – if you want to experience a blood-rushing sky activity, book a skydive in the Maldives and enjoy freefalling from the plane down to the target landing location. Skydiving is extreme.

  • Parasailing – cruise across the blue skies of the Maldives. Try parasailing and get to enjoy the breeze of the sea wind kissing your cheeks. This sure is an exciting way to cherish your summer vacation.

Is summer a good time to visit Maldives?

Definitely, yes. 

Summer is the best time to indulge in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Maldives at Kuda Huraa. You may enjoy the deluxe beach pavilion, sunrise beach bungalow, and sunset beach bungalow, all come with a pool, and water villas that give an unobstructed private view of the Indian ocean horizon under the azure clear summer skies of the Maldives.

Cherish a lavish summer vacation holiday alone, with your soulmate, or with your family, and experience how elaborate summer becomes with the Maldives' glorious islands.

Can I go to Maldives this summer?

Want to enjoy a sun-sational summer vacation? Go book your summer vacation in the Maldives hotel deals all inclusive.

Yes! You can.

Even in the threats of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Maldives is standing firm in fighting and is open to foreign visitors. There are just a few documents to prepare ahead of time, and you are good to go.

Which is the costliest island in Maldives?

There would be a lot of villa hotels and resorts Maldives can offer with extravagant accommodation. The costliest island in the Maldives offers luxurious services. From time to time, depending on the season and the availability of promos, the cost of stays may vary. 

But consider checking on Emerald Maldives Resort with Deluxe All-inclusive and indulge in their water villa with a pool and lavish meal plan on your stay. A weeklong stay may cost you around $11,000 for a pair of adults enjoying the exclusivity of the island’s beauty.

You may also consider Constance Moofushi, or Lily Beach Resort and Spa. Your stay may be around the same figure but for different experiences.

Better yet, visit the Maldives Exclusive portal and check on the current promo discount offers and speak to an expert agent to get a quote.

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