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Spending a Night on Finolhu “Beach Bubble Tent” In Maldives

Spending a Night on Finolhu “Beach Bubble Tent” In Maldives  Image

If you want to stay in the starry night under the beautiful dusk sky and experience romantic dining away from the world, spend your night at Finolhu Beach Bubble Tent in the Maldives.

Indulge as the Milky Way sparkles like a piece of beauty in the darkness and the galaxy above you. Get ready for sheer luxury and tropical fun—one of the best resorts for tourists anchored to Finolhu Maldives reviews. The resort was named which translates to "sandbank" in the local dialect, is well known for its four long islands and two-kilometer stretch of white, powdery beaches that are perfect for relaxing in sandals.


Each day on Finolhu's island playground is as unique as the coral reef landscape, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, thanks to the 125 private villas, four restaurants, and a variety of activities that complement the island's natural beauty.

A Cosmic Experience at Beach Bubble Tent

Welcome to the Beach Bubble, the Maldives' first luxury 'glamping' idea, nestled on Finolhu, a speck of paradise in Baa Atoll.


Finolhu Beach Bubble Tent offers the experience of lasting relaxation and comfort through its finest accommodations. A beautiful setting where one may immerse themselves in serenity and peace of nature, where an endless universe of wellness awaits. A place to celebrate life amid the bluest waters that inspire a sense of rest and renewal that nurtures bliss—indeed, a haven.

Photo Courtesy: Finolhu Beach Bubble Tent Maldives

The transparent beach bubble emerges like a moon-craft, nestled in a remote place along a 1.5km sandbank distant from the vibrant retro-chic resort. Throw out all preconceptions of camping. This 'tent' has a four-poster bed draped in white transparent netting, an enormous wingback chair, a footstool in brilliant turquoise, a turntable with old records, sturdy timber floors, and a soft rug beneath the foot.

There is also an adjacent bathroom with a zipper door, a regular shower and toilet, fluffy white towels, robes, and everything you would expect in a five-star guest room. Even for a night, the beach bubble has high-speed WiFi and air conditioning if you cannot leave civilization behind.

The only thing to remember is to close the entry door tightly before entering the bubble so that none of the air inflating the high-tech polyester dome escapes.

The Cosmic Connection of Water Recreational Activities

Water represents vigor and movement. Along with its symbolism, Finulho Maldives creates water activities that will draw out fun and connection to the cosmos. Yes, it is odd, but you can feel the cosmic connection beside the water. So, experience the element of water in your unique manner at the Water Sports Center. Sport beneath and above water is extremely fun here.


  • Non-motorized Water Sports

       On the water, all of your muscles are engaged. Whether kayaking, stand-up paddling, windsurfing, or catamaran sailing, you will feel your energy, the water's movement, and the wind's strength. The management and crew will assist and advise guests in the Water Sports Center, where non-motorized equipment may be borrowed free of charge.


  • Motorized Water Sports

         Finolhu offers a variety of motorized water activities for glamour, excitement, and that distinctive adrenaline rush. Water skiing and jet skiing are the ultimate in glitz and adrenaline. You may fly through the air with an X-Jet Blade, take a speedboat trip with Captain, or cut a striking figure while water skiing. Whatever you do, have a great time!

Finolhu’s Dinner– Gastronomical Variety

After a tiring yet enjoyable water experience, the guest or couple arrives at the one-of-a-kind Beach Bubble hideaway, where they may enjoy a delightful beach dining experience with a Maldivian twist in Finulhu menu before retreating into their bubble for a memorable night under the stars.

  • Kunusan

       The fine Kunusan is the award-winning Finolhu’s fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is reached by a short wooden path on stilts and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It's atmospherically constructed with dimmed lights and ocean wind. Kanusan is famed for its traditional and modern Japanese cuisine and has its sushi section as well as an aperitif bar. Salmon Yuan Yaki is a delectable meal of grilled salmon with daikon puree, citrus fruits, and Parmesan. Kanusan is a fantastic spot where romance is constantly in the air, either it is a first date, a proposal, or an anniversary.


  • Arabian Grill

If you want to try something Arabic for Dinner, Arabian Grill is for you!Arabian Grill is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind dinner experience. Indulge yourself and allow the chef to take you on a gastronomical adventure across Africa and the Middle East. A sensuous celebration awaits your eyes, nose, ears, and taste buds. The hissing of fresh fish sizzling on the table, mingling with the soft lapping of ocean waves, makes your mouth excited to eat. Added to the tempting fragrances of exotic spices like cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and turmeric, an olfactory sensation of anticipation emerges.


  • Crab Shack

         Every day should have some time set out for daydreaming. Daydreams are made of gazing out across the lagoon while eating mango or papaya salad, piri-piri chicken, while drinking a glass of excellent rosé wine with your feet on the sand! You will find yourself drifting into your own island fantasy after a 20-minute stroll on the sandbank or a 5-minute trip in our traditional wooden boat. The Crab Shack exudes rustic beauty with its wooden planks and palm tree thatch roof. When the sun goes down, parties on the beach at Crab Shack send waves of Ibiza and Mykonos into the night.


You can also choose exceptional restaurants that serve more breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try the international Beach Kitchen, the tone-setter Beach Club, and the fast one Milk Lab. Enjoy eating!

Photo Courtesy: Finolhu Beach Kitchen

End the night with Finulho Maldivian Party

There is nothing more than to experience the tropical nightlife on a beautiful Island. Finolhu Maldives Party has been known among tourists for its unique motif and inspiration for a beach 

party and other recreational activities, such as;


  • White Party

         The highly anticipated White Heat party on the beach started the evening with a fantastic set by the legendary Cuban Brothers, whose vibrant and thrilling performance of funk and soulful music blended with world-class b-boy action and hilarious comedy. The backdrop of stilt walkers, trapeze artists, magicians, and fire eaters was a sublime introduction to Finolhu’s famous party.


  • HUB and Thunderball

         One of the most anticipated water activities in the resort is water skiing and jet skiing. It is an ideal combination of glamour and action. Finolhu has a wide range of motorized water sports for glamour, action, and that special adrenalin kick. Here, you can use an X-Jet Blade to soar through the air, go on a speedboat tour with Captain, or water ski while looking chic. Whatever you choose to do, it is a ton of fun!

Exquisite Relaxation

Before leaving the Island, keep your equilibrium and well-being with individual treatments such as body wraps, peelings, ritual applications featuring the Natura Bissé line from Spain, and even freeing the imagination and creativity. Each solution has a unique mix of highly concentrated, active substances that work together to provide extraordinary effects that are specifically tailored to the local climate.

Feel free to get a set among the following relaxing experiences, or better yet, hop on each of these to get the optimum rejuvenation that you are seeking.

  • Massage

      Finolhu, a prominent Maldives spa resort, offers an alternative for every physical type, from Swedish classical massage to Thai massages, according to your unique preferences and requirements.

  • Hydrotherapy

     Hydrotherapy facilities at Fehi Spa after a hard workout at the gym help alleviate muscular stiffness the next day. Sauna bath cleanses the skin and makes you feel wonderfully calm, and then the 30-degree temps in the Maldives look refreshingly cold. At Fehi Spa, there are separate women and gents steam - sauna-plunge pool Hydrotherapy facilities for our guests.

  • Beauty Care

        The assertion that genuine beauty comes from inside is only partially correct. Guests who have less care for their outward appearance may feel fine but will also seem less than radiant since the skin needs a lot of care, especially when exposed to the sun. Fortunately, the therapists in the resort have created customized treatments for all skin types.

  • Hair Care

          The sun and sea water can make the hair brittle and dull. The expert hairdresser revives your hair to its natural beauty and can suggest a new hairstyle. After a luxurious weekend, you will get home with a new hairstyle trend.

  • Art and Crafts

       Enhance your creativity by participating in various arts and crafts workshops taught by our in-house artist. The Art Studio is a place to let your creative and innovative juices run, with everything from painting to tie-dye t-shirt manufacturing, ceramics, trademark activities, and all that jazz.

The management is devoted to giving guests a trip that will assist them in achieving their health, wellness, and relaxation goals while on vacation with Finolhu.

Beach Bubble Tent Booking and Inquiries

The one-of-a-kind experience in Finolhu Maldives all-inclusive costs USD 995 per couple, excluding taxes, and includes breakfast on the beach and a private beach barbecue. A confirmed minimum stay of 3 nights in Finolhu villas or Beach Bubble Tent is required. Contact the team for more information through