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Surfing With Kids At Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

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Experience the best Gili Lankanfushi surfing experience for your loved ones, including your kids. The Gili Lankanfushi Maldives packages and special offers start from $1100 and grant up to 25% discounts without compromising the overwhelming Gili Lankanfushi water sports experience.


Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is a luxurious resort lying on the private island of Lankanfushi on North Male Atoll. The island resort is nestled in an azure lagoon and is lavishly fringed with lush palm trees. This award-winning eco-friendly resort offers a myriad of water sports activities for you to challenge, including boating, windsurfing, water skiing, and canoeing. Gili Lankanfushi also enjoys a proximate region lying around the best surfing spot for you to explore as well.

You should choose to experience the Gili Lankanfushi surfing at its finest in the opening of September with its tropical water temperatures and remarkable swells that are consistent and perfect for your water adventure. The resort teams up with the most reliable experienced instructors of a luxury surf company Tropicsurf in order to ensure a dynamic array of lessons and surf trips perfectly tailored for all types of guests with different levels of experience and expertise, from beginners, intermediate surfers, and to expert wave warriors.


The warmth of the resort is notably inclusive and lets you enjoy summer water sports with your whole family or friends, including your little buddies. There is a dedicated lesson for your engaging kids where you can enroll them for a fantastic learning experience for 3 days introducing them to the waters and the water sport.

The lesson program is for you, newbies, and kids, to explore and enjoy as the course is spread along the different schedules. 


  • 1 hour length course

  • With a Tropicsurf expert supervising at your side, explore the fundamentals of surfing in the serene lagoon and be ready to catch some waves. All ages are welcome!


  • 3 hours length course

  • With your Tropicsurf instructor by your side, experience the rush of riding your first wave to ensure an unforgettable experience. Welcomes ages 10 and above.


  • 3 hours length course

  • And if you are already a surfer, let the experts guide you to the best place to surf with the perfect waves. These sessions ensure maximum wave count with some tips thrown in to help you become a better surfer. This will be your best opportunity to enjoy and learn together with a promising company along the waves.

  • It would be best to bring your favorite board along the tides to get the best surfing experience. You can go with a short board, full board, or half board in Gili Lankanfushi Maldives.


As the month of September opens, and the waves will be perfectly enticing and inviting for an absolute surfing experience, Gili Lankanfushi water sports is not exclusive to surfing alone. You may also spend time exploring other recreational activities that will surely satiate your adrenaline-thirsty heart and enjoy some more. 


  • Minimum age required is 8 years old.

  • Before moving to the tiny lagoon for some hands-on fun, a brief overview of wind, board, and sail procedures will be given. Beginners may typically learn the basics of windsurfing up and down the beach in one hour.


  • Minimum age requirement is 10 years old.

  • Discover the dramatic underwater world of the Maldives at Gili Lankanfushi's Ocean Paradise Dive Centre, a PADI-certified facility that has been hailed as one of Asia's most environmentally conscious dive shops. The site is also close to a number of well-known diving locations, including Banana, Rainbow Reef, HP, Maagiri, Okobe Thila, and Manta Point. 

  • The day and night dives and courses are offered by multilingual teachers for all skill levels, offering guests the assurance and knowledge they need to pursue their love to new heights or depths. Even better, you may participate in a data collection dive for organizations like SharkWatch and the Manta Trust!

  • Divers with certification are welcome to board our daily diving boat, which departs at 8 am, 10 am, and 2 pm. Nitrox-certified divers have access to Nitrox 32% enriched air. Before participating in any diving activity, all divers must present documentation of their certification. Open Water and Advanced Open Water divers are permitted to dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters in the Maldives. A 24-hour no-fly period follows the final dive.


Put on a snorkeling mask and fins, then make your way to the edge of our house reef, where there is a 15-meter drop-off. There, you'll find vivid coral walls home to little sharks, as well as schools of colourful fish, turtles, and rays. On guided cruises that leave day and night, our on-site marine scientist can assist you in recognizing the variety of aquatic species and explain the importance of our coral line projects and other underwater activities.


  • Minimum age 8 years old.
  • Gili Lankanfushi Catamaran sailing travels to the Wedding Champa for a controlled catamaran cruising practice with one of our instructors after a safety briefing and explanation of regulating boat direction.

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The resort houses 45 stylish overwater villas at the small-to-medium-sized resort of Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives. There are numerous lodging options that can accommodate single travelers, families, groups of friends, and honeymooners. The villas are designed to provide picture-perfect views of the beaches and the Indian Ocean. Gili Lankanfushi will go far beyond all of your expectations if you intend to travel to the Maldives for a five-star vacation. As you set sail for your adventure, you should have a reliable comfort to lay back to recharge your energy for another excursion the following day. You may choose among the following profiles of accommodations:

  • The Private Reserve

  • Family Villa with Pool

  • Family Villa

  • Gili Lagoon Residence

  • Island View Crusoe Residence

  • Sunset Crusoe Residence

  • Residence with Pool

  • Residence

  • Gili Lagoon Villa

  • Villa Suite with Pool

  • Villa Suite


The hosts of Gili Lankanfushi's exclusive guest experience go by the name of Mr. Fridays, who was Robinson Crusoe's devoted aide and best friend. Mr. Fridays, who is always on call, will ensure that your stay is hassle-free from the moment you arrive until you bid your satisfying farewell. From requesting assistance with setting up a bed beneath the stars, making dinner reservations, entertaining the kids, or unpacking luggage, your dedicated Mr. Friday will always be there for you, whatever and whenever you need.


You might be feeling overwhelmed when surfing and might need to bring handy snacks that you can nibble while on the beach. The best would be the FINI FONI. 

If you are craving treats while enjoying the activity, swing by the FINI FONI to munch and cool down. The name of this note-worthy restaurant literally translates to "cold sweet" in Dhivehi. This store offers popsicles and ice creams that are handmade with locally produced ingredients on their menu.

Some other restaurants and bars for you to stride around for a gastronomic journey after your adventure are sure refreshing, unique, and lavish. The list is as follows:

  • Kashiveli highlights healthy, fresh products that come from our organic garden and nearby waters in a pleasant outdoor setting. Fresh tropical fruits, juices, smoothies, as well as classic Maldivian and foreign favorites, are all featured on the breakfast menu.

  • By The Sea. The Japanese fine-dining restaurant is a feast for the senses, with views of the ocean and a tropical jungle surrounding it.

  • Overwater Bar is the best spot to enjoy a light lunch, sunset cocktails, and a seafood dinner — with a side of panoramic ocean views. The vegetables and herbs are freshly picked daily from the local garden, and so as the fresh reeled fish every morning.

  • You may also try some of the hand-selected gourmet foods and wine combinations that our sommeliers have personally chosen to elevate your tasting experience. UNDERGROUND WINE CELLAR houses 500 varieties of wine.


An oasis of complete relaxation is Meera Spa. This Spa has six distinctive treatment rooms and a section for Ayurvedic therapies. Additionally, you can practice yoga while taking in the view of the azure ocean.

After your vigorous adventure on the waters of the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, lay back and recharge in the MEERA SPA at Gili Lankanfushi Maldives and experience the amalgamation of different healing practices originating from all over the globe – from Thailand, Japan, and Tibet – providing a holistic rejuvenation. The Spa blends garden herbs, Ayurvedic therapy, and luxury in the process of healing.

Take away…

A get-together with your family is not just adorable but is definitely fun, especially when your destination warmly welcomes every family member offering a plethora of activities to indulge in suitable for all ages of your family members. Happily, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives family package generously expands its plethora of activities and experiences and lets your kids enjoy the whole escapade at best.

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