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Things to Know About Velassaru Maldives

Things to Know About Velassaru Maldives  Image

How far is Velassaru Maldives from the heart of South Malé Atoll?

Located just 20 kilometers from the capital of Maldives, Male', Velassar Maldives can be reached by Speedboat in 15 minutes.
Velassaru, one of the Maldives' smallest luxury resort, is ideal for honeymoons and family vacations alike. Villas on the beach and on the water are available at the resort.

What are the activities available at Velassaru ?

Sunset Cruise 

Sunset serenity. A genuine Maldivian cruise. Share canapés and champagne with your beloved against a backdrop of magnificent shades and hues. Evenings in style. A truly personalized experience. Immerse yourself in color.

Big Game Fishing 
Exciting adventures await you out on the open seas. Sea salty with a glint of sunlight. Feel the rush as a massive fin breaks the surface. Toe-to-toe with the ocean's admiral, the marlin. The best fishing experience ever. The catch of a lifetime.

Snorkeling Excursion 
Riding in a dhoni or a speedboat across crystal-clear waters. Arrive at the coveted reefs, which are only accessible by an expert guide. There is a full complement of snorkeling supplies on hand. Marine life awaits you in awe. Velassaru is a treasure trove of marine life.

Dolphin Discovery 
Invigorating breezes from above as you near your final destination. Take a stroll through the dolphins' feeding grounds in the Maldives. Heartwarming experiences as they follow your vessel and leap above the waves. Spectacularly human and graceful. Encounter these majestic beasts in their natural habitat.

Night Fishing 

Fishing with a hand line in the Maldives at dusk, the old-school way. Your dhoni swivels around. An experienced crew will lead you through this centuries-old practice. ' In the hotel restaurant, you can order fresh, delectable fish for no additional cost. Inadequately sized or non-edible fish are euthanized Observe a centuries-old art form.

Nights Snorkeling 
Beneath the veil of night, a new world emerges. Ghostly crayfish, feeding corals, the lethal beauty of hunting moray eels, the uncanny sight of sleeping fish Environmentally friendly: fewer than four people per group with a guide Scuba gear, a torch, and a wet suit are all included. Uncover a previously unknown realm.

Bio Quest

Our marine biologist will lead a special snorkeling excursion. After a brief classroom presentation, you'll head out on the reef to search for marine life in the category of your choice. All kinds of marine life, from turtles to manta rays (in season only), sharks to corals, to clownfish and anemones, are on display at the aquarium. Towels, drinking water, snorkeling gear, and life jackets are all supplied. Learn from the sea.

Bio Photo Adventure

A unique opportunity to go snorkeling with our resident marine biologist. Underwater photography requires a professional-grade camera. After a briefing on how to use your camera in an eco-friendly manner, you're free to explore this stunning underwater realm at your leisure. It's time for a fun and educational lecture about the content of your photographs. Towels, drinking water, snorkeling gear, and life jackets are all provided. Capture the Indian Ocean's beauty.

Island Scape 

You'll have your own private island. It's the perfect combination of a beautiful location and delicious food. Take a dhoni to a sandbank with a luxury hamper. There are breathtaking views in every direction, and a pulsing coral just waiting to be explored. Tropical juices and a delicious lunch are the perfect combination

How do I get from the nearest airport to Velassaru Maldives ?

Airport shuttle (arranged by the property): 20 minutes