Sathya - 28 Feb 2022

Things To do In Maldives this 2022

Things To do  In Maldives this  2022 Image

After two years of being locked at your home country because of the pandemic brought by the coronavirus disease, what would you want to explore this year now that several countries have opened its borders for tourists? Do you want to know what the year 2022 has stored for you? Where would you want to go and explore? Do you have your choice of travel destination? How about a perfect compensation of over two years of hiatus of your adventure at Maldives? The luxury island of Maldives has opened its door to the international travelers since July 2020, provided that visitors are in compliance with the health protocol which includes presenting a negative RT-PCR test results taken within 96 hours prior to departure from the port of origin. This is to ensure that while you are enjoying your vacation to this luxurious country, you are in good health and in good condition. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, Maldives is offering a “normal” way of vacation which is a much-needed break for a tourist who wishes to escape from the realities and effect of the pandemic on everyone’s life. 

 So, what are the Things To Do in Maldives this 2022
When you visit a country, first on your list would probably visit its capital city.  Male may be considered as the world’s “smallest capital” for a country, but this city has so much to offer. From the edifices and its facades to the landscapes, this tropical metropolis simply fascinates  everyone who will visit here especially for the first timers. Aside from tourism, another economic driver of Male is fishing which plays a vital factor also for the  tourism industry, as guests will be able to taste fresh catch fishes and seafood from the source right into their table. As you go around this densely populated city, you’ll get to be able to see historical landmarks like the  famous Sinamale Bridge, linking Male, Hulhule and Hulhumale; tsunami monument in  Boduthakurufaanu Magu and different mosques among others. Might as well know the history of the city while exploring it right?  Though as of now, Male is off-limits to the visitors as it became the center of the cases of the coronavirus disease (covid-19). 

There are hundreds of hotels, resorts and other accommodation establishments offering best  services in Maldives, ensuring worthwhile stay. From the five-star resorts to the budget-friendly hotels, you’ll get go crazy where to spend your whole stay in the island. Just look for the best package that fits  your taste and your vibe. You need not to worry because staffs of each and every resort are professional in handling and managing of their guest so you can have a full-blown stress-free vacation.