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Top 3 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkeling

Top 3 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkeling Image

The Maldives is endowed with ninety thousand (90,000) square kilometers of total area and the bounty of the sea makes 99 percent of this leaving 298 square kilometers of green land outlined with the silvery coralline sands of beaches. Right under the crystalline waters of the sea, there are approximately eight thousand nine hundred (8,900) square kilometers niched by coral reef systems home to a diversity of vibrant marine creatures enlivening the silent waters.

Indeed, the Maldives is not only rich in land but so as the beauty of lavish waters is truly something to behold. A closer inspection of these underwater treasures would definitely sate your eyes and soul. Snorkeling in the Maldives coral reef environment will truly surfeit your swimming experience. 

Snorkeling experience is at its best when you have the best reef houses, a diverse marine ecosystem, invigorating schools of fishes, crystalline turquoise waters with good visibility, and diver-friendly currents which are perfect ingredients for an underwater sightseeing experience. Needless to say, the Maldives just happen to have them all.

Where is the best snorkeling in the Maldives?

Establish a relaxing vibe of shelter in the Maldives luxury resorts before you set out to underwater attractions – the home of the fish.

The Maldives, as a whole, is the best snorkeling spot in the world itself with its natural clear and calm waters, altogether with the rich span of reef houses, home to various sea creatures of all colors and sizes. It might be subjective to say name which is best amongst these reefs but you have to be objective about what you want to see under the sea, the corals, specific fish, rays, dolphins, or sharks.

If you want to live up to the “Finding Dory,” explore the reefs to the north of Male Atoll inside Kuda Kalhi. You might not just find Dory but her whole family and friends in the Banana Reef. The banana Reef in Kuda Kalhi is the habitat of beautiful corals, fishes, and other marine life that would deluge your snorkeling experience.

Best Places For Snorkeling In Maldives

Booking in the Maldives all-inclusive resorts will be a wise choice when you incorporate snorkeling and other water activities into your holiday getaway. Your snorkeling will be arranged in time and destination to fully satisfy your swimming sightseeing experience.

You may consider other sites for your snorkeling and choose your best choice, or be covetous and schedule visiting all of the best places for snorkeling in the Maldives during your getaway trip. That might just work best. 

Here are the highly recommended best places for snorkeling in the Maldives for you to see.

  • Banana Reef

  • Manta Point

  • HP Reef

1. Banana Reef in Kuda Kalhi

The Banana reef at the North of Male Atoll just inside the Kuda Kalhi is a habitat of the Palette Surgeonfish, bannerfish, sharks, rays, black snappers, barracudas, oriental sweetlips, soldierfish, grub fish, and the famous manta rays.

These marine lives that come in different colors and sizes, including sharks that are harmless, will be playing with you in clear waters with delight. You will get the best experience from this reef around May to July with the abundance of the fishes in the area.

2. Manta Point in Lankanfinolhu Island

Say “Hi” to these Manta Rays in the Manta Point around the Lankanfinolhu Island where almost a kilometer length of reef becomes the rendezvous of these gentle giants around May to November of every year. Aside from these water giants, you may also interact with the squirrelfish, spangled emperor fish, sharks, napoleons, and masked bannerfish.

3. HP Reef in Malé Atol

This HP Reef in Malé Atoll is renowned for its diversity of giant and tiny species of fish flourishing around the colorful house of soft corals. In fact, this reef is tagged as the ‘Rainbow Reef’ featuring how vivid the color of this reef has.

You will see eagle rays, tuna, barracudas, and grey reef sharks which are friendly to divers and swimmers. December to April will be the best time for your visit to this reef when the corals and the fishes are highly active.

Which Atoll in Maldives is best for snorkeling?

Housing the best hotels in Maldives, these atolls are also the niche of the best reefs for your snorkeling activity. Top three are Ari Atoll, North Ari Atoll, and Gaafu Atoll.

Where is the best coral in the Maldives?

Truly, you can define how your vacation will align not only with the luxury hotels Maldives, but so with the opulence of the corals for your snorkeling activity. 

There is no linear definition of the best coral for sightseeing but feel free to check the following top-notch snorkeling sites and tell us which has the best coral in the Maldives: 

  1. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

  2. Dusit Thani Maldives

  3. Hurawalhi Island Resort

  4. Lily Beach Resort and Spa, Ari Atoll

  5. Robinson Club Maldives, Gaafu Atoll

  6. Safari Island, North Ari Atoll

  7. W Maldives

Why Maldives is best for snorkeling?

You will enjoy the lavish five-star hotels Maldives can give you for its undeniably perfect features for a holiday getaway. The coralline origin silvery sand dunes make up the white beaches and the greenery crowning the islands is picture-perfect to tranquilize your soul. Additionally, the turquoise waters of the sea that gives complete visibility and displays the abundance of colorful coral reefs and the rich vibrant marine lives that abound the coast of the islands are the perfect ingredients for a satisfying snorkeling experience. 

These features of the Maldives just simply define the standard of how snorkeling experience should be.

Which is the best house reef in the Maldives?

You are not only lavishing in the Maldives luxury villas and hotels during your vacation but also relishing the rich reefs of the Maldives for your snorkeling experience. 

Expand your site options with this list that offers the best deals and packages for snorkeling:

  1. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

  2. Angsana Ihuru

  3. Bandos Maldives

  4. Baros Maldives

  5. Dusit Thani Maldives

  6. Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

  7. Embudu Village Resort

  8. Fihalhohi Island Resort

  9. Filitheyo Island Resort

  10. House Reef in Amari Havodda Maldives, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll

  11. House Reef in Lily Beach Resort and Spa, Ari Atoll

  12. House Reef in Robinson Club Maldives, Gaafu Atoll

  13. Hurawalhi Island Resort

  14. Kandolhu Maldives

  15. Mirihi Island Resort

  16. Oblu by Atmosphere at Helengeli

  17. Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort

  18. Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

  19. Sandies Bathala

  20. Vakkaru Maldives

  21. Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa

  22. W Maldives

Are there many shark attacks in Maldives?

All year round around the Maldives island resort, you are welcome to have dives and swims with the opportunity to see plenty of sharks of different species. The best part is that sharks around the islands are absolutely harmless to humans. You will see hammerhead sharks, blacktip reef sharks, spotted leopard sharks, and other species which does not attack humans. Perhaps these sharks are there to unwind as well.

What time of day is best to go snorkeling?

Take a little break in the Maldives workation private island resorts and schedule your snorkeling anytime around the morning when the water is calm and clear, and the marine lives are more active. Generally, seawater is much more suitable for snorkeling in the early hours but that does not prohibit anyone to go snorkeling in the afternoon as long as the weather condition is clear.

What should you not do while snorkeling?

Give your workcation in the best Maldives exclusive resorts a boost with energizing sightseeing of corals and marine life through snorkeling. But remember not to disturb their habitat on your journey and keep your hands to yourself.

Never touch the corals, fishes, rays, and turtles during the swim.

Do not let any part of you, including your gears, and your fins, touch or damage any part of the reef.

Use appropriate sunscreen that is not harmful to the waters and the lives in it.

The only things you can safely touch if necessary are the sands and the rocks. This is not only for the inhabitants’ safety but so as for yourself.

Make sure to learn your snorkeling etiquette before plunging into the waters.

What is the most important thing to remember while snorkeling?

Your uninterrupted relaxation during your vacation getaway or workcation in the Maldives is ensured with the Maldives high-end resorts with top-notch services and experience offers. You may choose any adventure to be included in your trip, and snorkeling is generally safe for newbies and experts. Before snorkeling, you will be introduced to proper techniques and practices to remember or the etiquette for snorkeling that will help you maximize this experience. 

But here are 10 snorkeling safety tips that might help you in your water expedition:

  1. Be confident when you are in the water!

  2. Learn the use and handle with care the snorkel gear!

  3. Find a buddy, do not snorkel alone!

  4. Inform yourself of the weather forecast!

  5. Protect your skin from UV rays!

  6. Stay hydrated, but never with alcohol!

  7. Never touch or disturb marine life!

  8. Stay close to the shore!

  9. Don’t tire yourself, relax!

  10. Be fit and healthy!