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Top 4 Luxury Maldives Resorts for Workation

Top 4 Luxury Maldives Resorts for Workation Image

Do you feel like freezing with the apathy of your work? Perhaps you need a perfect workation to warm up your spirits again and recharge to go on your life. Don’t worry, Maldives luxury villas has just the perfect spot to invigorate your passion once again.

What is a Workation?

We grow more mature in our jobs, doing our work regularly, and getting the hang of every task we do with efficiency and productivity like a piece of cake. We might even be so comfortable in our very own office like our desk is already a part of us. But it would be very cathartic for all of us to change ambiance some time as we work. 

With our very hectic schedule with our work, like almost no time for vacation, why not bring our work on vacation? You no longer have to feel guilty about slacking off from work and ditching some days for your vacation because the trend makes it wise to work on vacation – thus, it is called workation or also known as workcation. 

You are working hard thus far, and you deserve to treat yourself to a luxury vacation in the revitalizing islands of Maldives. You get to enjoy the beauty of white sand dunes and sparkling turquoise seawaters while still being productive with your work. Perhaps, Maldives luxury resort exactly is the epitome of workcation.

Why Workation in Maldives is the best?

Factors like good lighting, ventilation, and other aspects that contribute to setting up a proper mood for the worker are, in fact, a necessity. And it has long been an established fact that a good ambiance keeps a working mind happier, which keeps an individual motivated and eventually leads to a better productivity rate. Thankfully, Maldives island resort has these perfect ingredients to stimulate your inner force and motivate you to do work.

The psychology of workation reinforces your mind and excites you for the job while at the same time, feel free to relish the magnificence of the beach. It is also advised to look at something blue to relax your brain and induce more productive stimulation, which is precisely what the Maldives can offer. The azure skies and turquoise seas are in tune to stir up your creative mind.

You need proper ventilation for your job. How about a little level up? Enjoy the winds of the Indian ocean patting your face, combing your hair, and blowing your garments, loosening up your mood and vigor for work just like a boss telling you, "Good job!"

Oh, you ask for the lighting? Of course, far better than lightbulbs, let the tropical sun kiss your cheeks as you face your task list, enjoying the horizon of the beach. Get in tune with the beauty of nature, reanimating your spirits as you work. You may be sitting up outdoors on your beach bed tanning. But remember to bring your sunscreen for work this time.

This is not just going to be a simple vacation feels, but a lavish one. Yes, you are working with crews one call away to provide you with your necessities. Enjoy your regal meals from a vast cuisine as the Maldives is renowned to be the melting point of the neighboring cookery. Expect refreshing five-star servings of juicy, healthy, omega-3-rich, fresh seafood on your table. Such a lovely work experience.

You need the proper vigor to be efficient and productive in your work. Perfectly, the Maldives has the best formula to electrify your soul. The Maldives is the perfect workation spot with luxury to enliven your work and vacation in one.

Top 4 Luxury Maldives Resorts for Workation

The current trend of fusing work and vacation together has surely opened a new avenue for us to enjoy working auspiciously. Let us take advantage of this summer's sizzling tropical brightness with clear skies, spending our beach bodies working on the glorious glittering shores of the Maldives. The luxurious Maldives workation private island resorts have an unending list of ways to optimize our workcation to the fullest.

Since you will be blending your work into your summer vacation, choose wisely which resort you would like to indulge with your workation into. Our affiliate resorts are top luxury hotels and resorts with magnificent and extravagant service and amenities. Each with unique features that will factor into your workation experience. 

The following are the top 4 highly suggested luxury island resorts best suited for your dreamlike workation. Take a look at their best features to flaunt and consider your bucket list in choosing which could work best for you. 

1. Soneva Fushi Maldives

Soneva Fushi is a luxurious, exclusive resort island hideaway that would definitely inspire your imagination with their sixty-four prominent beachfront villas and eight glorious water retreats with different ranges in size and capacity to indulge you with your lavish workation. 

This resort is located at Kunfunadhoo Island, Eydhafushi, Maldives, an island in Baa Atoll. Soneva Fushi all-inclusive package lets you relish their effervescent events on specific dates. The magnificent service of this resort has long been known for its luxury-level service, duly attested by the awards it received from Travel + Leisure, Robb Report, Condé Nast Traveler, CNN, and many more. 

They have overwhelming properties all over the island that offers amenities that definitely help you relax while on your workation. Live a life separate from the hustling city and feel like being transported to a dreamlike city as you walk along the jetty to their very own city above the sea, as their water villas emanate a vibe like mansions'. Feel free to experience the beauty of Soneva Fushi Maldives in your workation and look at the following.

Soneva Fushi Maldives


Feel the tranquility of the over-the-water luxury of the enormous water villa of Soneva Fushi on the edge of their long and wide jetty. Their water villas let you indulge in a closer-to-water experience with their slides that splash directly to the salty waters of the Indian Ocean. This mansion-like water villa can accommodate your huge family with a big infinity pool and a balcony giving you an unobstructed view of the sea. You will also notice the glass portions of the floor, which allow you to see the sea.

You may also feel a closer embrace of nature with the jungle villa with a modern minimalist design that allows natural airflow. Experience crossing through the hanging bridge that stretches right above the crowns of the greenery towards the next structure. Their jungle villa also includes a wide pool that faces the curvy outline of the shore.

Dining and Culinary

Get ready to give way to the signature dishes of the world’s most decorated chefs with different presentations and styles in their servings. Your dinner may be situated in different dining halls and unique experiences. The first-ever fine dining and zipline experience in one, along with a scenic view of the greenery and the sea; or a divine crystal-clear scene while dining above the waters; if you can't make a choice, meet at the middle with sandbank dinner where you feel the fine sands on your soles during dinner.

Dishes are so dynamic, from Maldivian courses to South-East Asian, Nordic, Eastern, to Western culinary cuisines. This paradise is not just a haven of the picturesque environment but is also a haven of delicacy.


With the whole island waiting for your exploration and adventure, your experience is never limited to the beauty of the sea under the lights of the tropical sunshine, but so as the gifts of the green nature and the blessings of the sparkling skies at night.

Soneva Fushi hosts events on specific dates of the calendar, which you may consider when to book, particularly for your workcation. But some experiences are sure something you can indulge in daily. The meals and the views are definitely something to experience, but you may also explore the depths of the sea. Have a closer interaction with the vibrant creatures as you mingle with them in their very own habitat, the coral garden. You may swim together with the manta rays and turtles with deep diving, free diving, or snorkeling.

The cruises will also let you cherish an interaction with dolphins or enjoy an astronomical dinner under the glitters of the universe.

You may relish your workcation with the regular water activities you can arrange, and at the same time, feel free to freshen up with the slow life journey you may set off and have an earthly experience with the jungle of the island. Soneva Fushi does not only let you have your vacation on the sea but altogether with the jungle at the same time.

2. Kudadoo Maldives

Kudadoo Maldives

Kudadoo private island sure is one of the Maldives high-end resorts that would definitely impress you with magnificence and delight with unlimited leisure and wellness absolutely perfect for seizing your highly sought workcation.

The Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi is truly a fully inclusive luxury exclusive resort located at Lhaviyani Atoll. This five-star deluxe resort in the Maldives offers fifteen (15) sumptuous over-water Ocean residences with ultra-wide terrace pools spanning up to (44) forty-four square meters.

You will be lavishly living the life of a queen, fully indulged in spa treatments, top-notch cuisines, water sports, and activities, and with your very own personal butler who is always one call away, pledged to serve you with opulence 24/7.

Expect to be creative and productive as you journey on your workcation retreat in the Kudadoo properties and villas with architectural designs majorly influenced by traditional Japanese design as they are masterpieces of the renowned architect Yuji Tamasaki. The central complex of Kudadoo is built right above the waves of the sea, giving you a full picture of the thirty thousand (30,000) square meter island crowned with the famous green coconut trees standing on the plain white sand seemingly floating above the sparkling turquoise waters. This island houses an incredible restaurant, spa, bar, cheese and wine cellar, games room, and swimming pool. The island is fully energy sufficient and built with reliable solar panels enough to power and sustain the whole resort.


Kudadoo is renowned for being eco-friendly with sleek architectural design. Its 15 over-the-water villas will shelter you and charm your family with an unobstructed view of the ocean while allowing more natural light and airflow into your living space. Your spacious outdoor deck might be a good choice for your workcation spot or your private dining setting. On top of it, you will relish the forty-four (44) square meter rectangular freshwater infinity pool or directly plunge into the sparkling waters of the sea.

Dining and Culinary

Brace your appetite as you will be served fabulous dining and culinary journey at Kudadoo with tasty menus by executive chefs. Their menu features all-time favorites and fine dining treats, while a series of dietary requirements and preferences is welcomingly accommodated upon request.

While in Kudadoo, you might also consider good options for dinner.

In-residence dining. You may choose to fully indulge with your family in your workcation, uninterruptedly lavishing the exquisite culinary service of the Kudadoo chefs.

Dine at the retreat. You and your family may choose to enjoy gastronomic treats that you may relish at any time of the day. These treats are savory food by the executive chef, which you may enjoy while gazing on the horizon of the sea.

Destination Dining. Seducing and exquisite dining at an otherworldly location of your choice is something you can plan in Kudadoo. You may arrange your gourmet picnic, an intimate candlelight dinner may be on the beach, balcony, or even under the magical starlight of the sky at night.

Undersea Restaurant. Just minutes away from your Kudadoo residence, you may choose to book private dining at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant. You get to experience the largest all-glass dining restaurant in the world, where contemporary cuisine and coral views are served spectacularly 5.8 meters below the sea of Hurawalhi.

Whichever you choose for your culinary journey, feel free to enjoy the contents of the cheese and wine cellar housing the most exclusive wines of the world with a Wine Spectator rating above 88 – a perfect experience, especially for wine connoisseurs. 


Experience unlimited excursions and nourish your spirit with a luxurious sail to desolate sandbanks for picnics or choose to have dolphin expeditions. 

You may also dive under the sea and have a close interaction with the turtles and stingrays under the sea around the island.

Snorkeling, swimming, deep diving, and free diving are all relaxing ways of adventure best suited for your workcation.

You may also enjoy the bar, game room, spontaneous spa treatments, and access to the cheese and wine cellar.

Indeed, Kudadoo can be your best workcation deluxe.

3. The Nautilus Maldives

You might be feeling unenergetic and like bound and ties on your workspace, then The Nautilus maldives, one of the best high-end resorts in Maldives, is best for your soul. Just a short thirty (30) minute hop by your seaplane from the airport of Malé, you will find the free-spirited resort of Nautilus. You will be welcomed as a VIP, literally a Very Important Person, and personally served by a butler.

The Nautilus is a luxury bohemian hideaway spot in the Maldives where you can experience a total personalized vacation. The twenty-six (26) beach and ocean villas wait for your glorious choices on how you want to tailor-fit your very own experience in the resort. This is an immensely private resort where you get to lucid your dream of workcation and take home a totally fulfilled workcation experience you could cherish.

Your stay in the Nautilus is special in a way that you will definitely feel having a space to call your own as all desires, can be whimsy or quirky, will all be realized. 

The Nautilus Maldives

Here, you will be an honored queen on a workcation. Embrace your desire of fulfilling your palate's craving of a satiating breakfast and dining served by your butler with champagne in bed, or any way you want it to be. Savor the different delicacies of your wants list and arrange it with your personal steward.

As the Nautilus takes pride in giving an unscripted luxury experience, your plans for various activities can absolutely be booked in this resort.

The Nautilus is a top-notch service that is highly celebrated and remarkable that it received various awards like the Travelers' Choice, the Tatler Travel Awards in 2021, and others else.


The Nautilus is a cradle of 17 houses, nine (9) of which perch on the dunes of the beach, and the other eight (8) hover on top of the sparkling turquoise waters of the lagoon. Each has private access to an infinite pool granting you a tranquilizing picture of the beach view and private access to steps towards the lagoon. Whichever villa you choose, you will have connectivity to Wi-Fi 24/7.

Relish your workcation with intimate seclusion with a bedroom suite for two, or choose to connect to your greater company in an abundant space in your water house.

Your beach house lying on the silvery sands of the islands will shelter you with a private sundeck, and manicured gardens, directly overlooking the perfect-outlined beach. Your sundeck stretches to your pool with a Maldivian-style swing mounted on your house, inviting you to spend a lazy day. An air-conditioned suite with a bathroom that provides a green view of your garden, a ceramic tub, walk-in shower fully complemented with matching granite vanities are all yours to indulge in. Your manicured garden houses your outdoor shower, where you can freshen up with a sizzling view of the tropical skies and perfect beach horizon.

Dining and Culinary

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with different complimentary deli-style small-bites, fruits, and complimentary coffee, tea, or champagne. Your villa also houses a personal wine fridge.

As the Nautilus promotes a perfectly personalized stay in their resort, your meals will be arranged according to your desires or requests. Even the minibar will be offering everything that is tailored to your choice.


The Nautilus is a perfect spot for a peaceful workcation you wish to experience with a quintessential Maldivian escape where you can let the rising and setting of the sun be your only mark of the time. You get to experience an undisturbed stay and a carefree sensation all throughout your vacation. A perfect break from your busy city life.

The perfect paragon of an absolute break from the hassles of the city noise, the Nautilus gives the calmness your mind desires to recharge. The resort houses spas, a gym, a bar, and recreational facilities to relax your soul. 

You may also choose to hear the quietness of the blue sea through snorkeling, deep diving, or a yacht ride over the ocean.

Altogether, the Nautilus is a haven of harmony best suited for your workcation.

4. Vakkaru Maldives

Vakkaru Maldives 

A timeless Sanctuary – the Vakkaru Maldives. Located on the secluded reef island of Baa Atoll, this resort blesses everyone with a perpetual ocean view with crystalline sands and a blue house reef filled with a diversity of marine life. Just a thirty (30) minute seaplane flight from the airport of Malé, this idyllic paradise lies await of your workcation visit.

This multi-awarded luxury resort accommodates different remarkable events from business, personal, romantic, adventure, and getaway bookings with unquestionable deluxe.


A superlative choice in either the beach villa dotted on the silvery sands of the vast beach or the hovering villa on stilts right above the charming turquoise waters of the lagoon, you can indulge on a hundred and forty square meters (140 sqm) of floor area and a king bed and a daybed with built-in freshwater pool to plunge.

Your water villa houses a private terrace above the water and a hammock for two adults for a perfect romantic rest for lovers. A flat-screen TV, sunbeds, outdoor shower, and indoor bathroom and bathtub, all of these will let you optimize your stay with a relaxing blue ocean view. A water villa for direct access to the waters.

A choice of a beach villa with the shades of the coconut trees crowning above your garden with open-air architectural design, a terrace, and a jacuzzi for couples help you rest in an intimate relaxation. A beach villa for direct access to the coralline sands.

Dining and Culinary

Optimize the flavors on the bright beach with international cuisines and accented dishes for local and tropical tones and tastes.

In Vakkaru Maldives, you will have a variety of options for dining and culinary experience.

You can have a sandbank escape with an ultimate private dining experience with a magnificent ocean view; an organic garden dining with meals served under the towering palms and the lush organic garden inspiring a connection with the nature; or a momentous culinary journey to your desire with award-winning cellar wines and mesmerizing views served on your table. 


Meditate in tune with the gifts of nature and the sea whether you choose to relax or set out for an adventure. 

You may indulge in the relaxing amenities of the resort with recreation, gym, and spas to take care of your body and soul. Address the needs of your mind with everything the resort can offer.

You may also set off for adventures venturing the surface and the depths of the sea. Book your water activities to perfectly relish your working mind on your vacation. This resort is bountifully blessed with the diversity of marine life that you may choose to encounter in a closer interaction in diving and snorkeling. And playing with the waves on the surface is another thing for adventurous souls. Rides with boards, a yacht, ski, and other water activities may be right for your recreation during your workcation.

For the records

You have expended yourself and exhausted your soul working hard, and getting a luxurious workcation is a break your spirit definitely deserves. The top 4 luxury resorts in Maldives may be short in the list, but Maldives Exclusive is affiliated with wider options to choose from for the best spot for your workcation.

Give yourself a break and make the best of it; get it in deluxe.