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Top 5 Luxury Maldives Restaurants with Michelin-star Dining Experience in 2022

Top 5 Luxury Maldives Restaurants with Michelin-star Dining Experience in 2022 Image

The world's top gastronomic experiences may be found in the Maldives, which features only the freshest and the best cuisines. The Maldives, which are dispersed over a huge area in the center of the Indian Ocean, is home to the most opulent private 5-star and 5-star plus resorts.

Naturally, these glamorous private resorts provide the best cuisines in the world, serving cuisines from different origins around the globe. May it be Iranian, Italian, Indian, Japanese, or stretching from the East to the West, your favorites and your to-be-favorites are on these shimmering islands of the Maldives. For a variety of palates, from Western to Oriental, each of these luxurious private resorts ensures that they serve just the finest cuisines you deserve.

With your long-existing, insatiable desire for palatable fulfillment, a Michelin-star tier of culinary service might just be the perfect one to sate your cravings.

Michelin star a prestigious Oscar-like recognition in the world of fine dining. A Michelin star's best feature is that it can be removed if the quality declines. The highest honor in the culinary world is a Michelin star. Restaurants and chefs who have been deemed to be of the highest caliber are awarded Michelin stars.

What is a Michelin Star?

A Michelin Star is a recognition and the highest symbol of culinary perfection. Restaurants that are regarded to be of a particularly high grade are given Michelin stars.

This started on 1900 with the French tire company’s business campaign publishing The Michelin Guides that awards stars in recognition of the restaurants worth visiting on your road trip – a wise strategy to increase sales output of tires.

The designation, which can be given to restaurants that pass muster with one, two, or three stars, is highly prized by chefs all around the world. As recognition published on Michelin Guides, a single star was used to denote "a very good restaurant" when the star system was originally implemented in 1926.

The Michelin Guide, has been published annually since 1900 and was originally designed to assist drivers in finding mechanics, hotels, and of course, good restaurants on their travels. The second and third stars are then added in 1933. Getting two stars means "excellent cooking that is worth a detour," furthermore, three stars means "exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey."

A Michelin star is a highly coveted acknowledgment of culinary skills that guarantees a blasting sensation for your palate and gastronomic journey.

How do you get a Michelin star in Maldives luxury resorts?

Earning a Michelin star demands the highest level of both perfection and consistency at the same time. The Michelin Guide reviewers take every precaution to maintain their entire anonymity. A chef will never get a tint of any clue or even the vaguest idea of when they are scouted, assessed, evaluated, visited, or mentioned, not until receiving star qualifying feedback and published to be one. The objective is to observe the chefs' everyday meal preparation and serving techniques, not merely how they handle occasional events and serve VIPs or food critics.

To earn the favor of the anonymous assessors, they have the following criteria to base on whether a restaurant is worthy of a Michelin star.

The good old ‘Restaurant rating criteria’ for getting a Michelin star:

  1. Quality of the products

  2. Mastery of flavor and cooking techniques

  3. The personality of the chef represented in the dining experience

  4. Value for the money

  5. Consistency between inspectors’ visits

These same criteria are used by every single inspector touring around the world for the best culinary journey. Inspectors don’t visit the same restaurant twice; Michelin sends two or more inspectors to confirm their colleague’s review. And once a year, the inspectors convene to hold the ‘Star Meeting’ where, you are right, they agree which among these restaurants they visited are worthy of the most coveted award, the Michelin Star.

You can never take the job of the inspectors lightly, as in the face of anonymity, these inspectors have a marvelous length of experience in culinary services ranging from five to ten years, fortified by additional training by the company before sending them out to taste the cuisines around the world. They will be on the road dedicating more than half of their lives to scrutinizing culinary services.

And losing a star is just as demoralizing as winning one. The Michelin company is aware of the impacts — in both emotionally and economically for the chef and the restaurant — of retracting a Michelin star, and they never take the decision lightly. For a restaurant to keep the stars, the chef should always acquire the habit of perfection and consistency. 

5 Luxury Maldives Restaurants with Michelin-star Dining Experience

Getting a Michelin star for a restaurant lies heavily on the skills of the chefs doing the works in the kitchen. The prestige of getting one is truly something they can carry with them wherever they go. In the bountiful islands of luxury and sweetness, the Maldives has the following elegant restaurants with renowned Michelin-starred Chefs to serve you formidable culinary experiences.

1. H2O by Chef Andrea Berton at You and Me by Cocoon Maldives - You & Me Maldives

At You and Me by Cocoon Maldives, there is an underwater restaurant called H2O by Chef Andrea Berton. Andrea Berton, a renowned Italian chef with 30 years of experience, is in charge of the H20 underwater restaurant.

Chef Berton started out in the kitchen in the 1990s. At Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala, he received his first Michelin star in 2008, and he received his second star in 2009.

The first of its kind, H2O restaurant's You & Me standout feature is a totally submerged, underwater dining room that offers patrons a 360-degree view of the stunning aquatic environment of the Maldives as they savor a delectable meal.

You & Me Maldives is an adults-only, high-end, five-star romantic retreat with restaurants, bars, and gardens that is situated in Raa Atoll. This five-star resort offers complimentary WiFi, room service, and a private beach area. The resort offers a 24-hour front desk, a fitness center, evening entertainment, and an outdoor pool. The magnificence of this 5-star Cocoon Maldives resort also offers a variety of tastes from four different stunning restaurants in addition to H20, the underwater restaurant that is six meters below the surface of the ocean.

2. Blu Beach Club at Four Seasons Resort in Landaa Giravaaru

Chef Gaetano Trovato, a two-Michelin-star chef from Tuscany, has partnered with the Four Seasons Resort in Landaa Giravaaru to train the next generation of chefs around the world.

Twice a year, Chef Trovato will be able to prepare your fine dining lunch at the Blu Beach Club of the Resort. The dates of his upcoming journeys are November 7–13, 2022, and February 27–March 5, 2023. Each evening, there are only two tables available, so take advantage of this brief promotion.

Chef Gaetano Trovato combines two delicious flavors to produce a dish with amazing visual appeal and satisfying flavor. Combining Maldivian and island-grown foods with elements from Tuscany. Through his on-site protégées, who frequently visit Trovato's new Tuscan restaurant, Arnolfo The Frame, to advance their own specialties and interests, you can judge his incredible culinary magic twice a year or all year long.

The Four Seasons Landa Giraavaru is a five-star resort on its own island with a densely forested interior and a beachfront of fine, white sand. The resort also has a big, 2-kilometer-long lagoon that is beautifully clear. You must reserve a stay at this exclusive island resort in order to take advantage of the excellent dining offerings of this Michelin-starred Chef's restaurant.

3. Sushi restaurant So Hands On, with Chef Kenji Gyoten at Soneva Fushi

When you are on a luxury holiday in the Maldives, the world's most idyllic destination, this is the location for you if you enjoy Japanese sushi restaurants.

One of the possibilities on this secluded private island is the sushi restaurant So Hands On, an eight-seat private dining space created in conjunction with three Michelin-starred Japanese chef Kenji Gyoten. He is the youngest sushi chef in Japan, with three Michelin stars.

If you particularly want this MasterChef to make a sushi lunch for you, there is a six-month waitlist to be served at this establishment. One of the most opulent resorts in the Maldives is the famous Soneva Fushi bearing the slogan "barefoot luxury in the Maldives," this resort is situated on a straightforward private island.

The water villas at this five-star resort offer wonderful dining opportunities with a total luxury delight package in addition to the food and lodging. In this eco-friendly resort, all of the villas and accommodations are enormous and have immediate beach access. 

4. Aragu at Velaa Private Island

Gaushan De Silva, the executive chef in residence at the Michelin-starred Aragu restaurant on Velaa Private Island, frequently collaborates with Michelin Star Chefs.

A luxurious private island resort is located on Velaa Private Island. The Noonu Atoll resort will offer a "four-hands" dining experience, in which international Michelin-starred chefs converse with Gaushan De Silva, executive chef of Velaa and recipient of a Michelin star.

Famous Michelin Star guest chefs from throughout the world include German Tristan Brand, Alain Alders, and Brian Mark Hansen of Denmark.

The number of rooms on Velaa Private Island is rather minimal yet bathed with luxury. And year-round, visitors of the resort can have a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar. The property also has an outdoor pool and a barbeque. You must reserve a stay at this exclusive island resort in order to take advantage of the excellent dining offerings of this Michelin-starred Chef's restaurant.

5. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant with Bjoern

Bjoern van den Oever, the resort's groundbreaking chef, is responsible for the culinary offerings' wow effect. Bjoern has worked with many renowned chefs along the way, including Jens Rittmeyer and Ed Cooney, and brings with him an undeniable wealth of knowledge from 3 Rosette- and Michelin-starred kitchens. 

Bjoern oversees the kitchen crews at Aquarium and the resort's other main dining establishment, Underwater 5.8, having previously led food teams in his home Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Dubai, the Philippines, Turks & Caicos, and Doha.

His unmatched 5-star experience has added originality and innovation to the delectable cuisine that has customers' taste buds twirling with joy.

5.8, the largest all-glass undersea restaurant in the world that elevates senses in this unmatched location, is Hurawalhi's scene-stealer and Bjoern's pride and delight. It is situated 5.8 meters underneath the sea. Each dish combines the finest ingredients with creativity and style to produce a demonstration of inventive modern cuisine that is complemented by a fantastic setting, wine, and service. 

The restaurant's basic design, which puts the attention outside and is surrounded by breathtaking maritime views, scores highly for romance because each table is meant for only two people. A multi-course tasting feast with wine pairing options is part of the menu idea, which is presented by the sommelier.

It is indeed undeniable that the Maldives can also champion their variety of culinary dishes. The list given is not limited to the ones mentioned. As a matter of fact, COCO BODU HITHI is another resort that you should also visit in your desire to taste Michelin-star meal courses. 

At Coco Bodu Hithi, all guests will surely find a gourmet paradise and a natural haven in one setting. The joys of food are openly recognized since they strive at best to satisfy both the body and the mind through your plates. Moreover, Michelin-starred chefs frequently visit this resort’s restaurants every year to create remarkable gastronomic experiences – a true testament to their reputation for serving some of the best food and drink in the Maldives.

Take away…

The Maldives is all been known all around the world as the ultimate luxury holiday destination, labeled as the supreme romantic paradise on Earth. The high-end resorts in this archipelagic destination have the best restaurants set in the most stunning ageless sight to behold in the world.

Get in touch with Maldives Exclusive to arrange the realization of your culinary journey today.

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