MUJTHABA SAEED - 14 Nov 2022

Why Vakkaru Maldives Resort Is The Best Kid-Friendly Resort

Why Vakkaru Maldives Resort Is The Best Kid-Friendly Resort Image

One of the most overwhelming but important decisions you will ever make when traveling with children is the resort. You always have to consider whether your destination will let you and your youngsters equally enjoy your vacation. So here are the top 10 Kid-friendly experiences that you can get at Vakkaru Maldives Resort, the ideal resort for a joyful, enjoyable family vacation since happy children make happy parents.

1. Family-Friendly Accommodations

Families traveling with their children under the age of 12 can take advantage of a wide range of family benefits, including a complimentary stay and meals for up to two children, kid-friendly amenities, and fun kids' club activities all throughout the stay.

The best-bedroom Vakkaru Maldives collection offers a wide range of accommodations, including 113 modern beaches, overwater villas, and retreats that are aesthetically designed with rustic Maldivian charms. Whether guests prefer a luxury villa over the water or a quiet beachfront setting, the resort offers several family-friendly categories to accommodate single-parent families up to large extended families. The following lodging types are your choices:

  • Beach family pool villa

  • overwater family pool villa

  • one-bedroom beach pool residence

  • one-bedroom deluxe beach pool residence

  • two-bedroom beach pool residence

  • one-bedroom overwater pool residence

  • the Vakkaru overwater residence

The Vakkaru Maldives family villas have a separate children's sleeping section with two beds, while the retreats have a large living room, a bigger pool, and a pantry.

2. Enjoy the Extensive Meals at Isoletta

Flavorful Italian cuisine with vibrant flavors. Enjoy a casual, lively eating experience with genuine charm, clean sophistication, and quirky decor, which includes a communal table, a lounge area, two-seater sofas in the style of Milan, and a piazza by the pool. You may also explore the extensive dining options on the island.

Photo Source: Isoletta Restaurant at Vakkaru Maldives Resort

3. Smashing Time With The Dynamic Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis

The Vakkaru Maldives makes everything possible at the resort’s sports field in conjunction with Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis, organized by former No. 8 tennis player Janko Tipsarevic, whether your kids are just learning the game or want some serious practice and coaching to sharpen their skills while on holiday. Along with Serbian tennis player Luka Sucevic, who will serve as the resort's resident tennis coach, the club will attract some of the most accomplished pros in the world as short-term guests.