Best Resorts In Maldives For Honeymoon Huvafen Fushi Resort Review

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Everything we will say about the Huvafen Fushi Resort in the Maldives has probably already been said in the many glowing reviews you will find all over the internet.

And all those raving reviews are mostly spot on. This little island getaway is breathtakingly beautiful and arguably one of the best resorts in the Maldives for honeymoon couples.

Clean, perfect white sandy beaches, absurdly clear blue water lagoon, luxuriant accommodation, and world class facilities all meld nicely to make this resort the ultimate romantic escape - one of the best places to celebrate special milestones for couples. 

Our overall impression gives it 4 out of 5 stars and our recommendation is to not waste time and make the booking.

I will defend our rating and recommendation in a moment. First, a bit of history on the Huvafen Fushi island.

The History of the Huvafen Fushi Island

The Huvafen Fushi island was first opened to vacationers in 2004. Before then the island was virtually uninhabited.

Over the years the resort that sprang out this narrow, sandy outcrop and lagoon to the north of the main Male island has emerged as a favorite for couples looking for an intimate escape to celebrate their nuptials.

It also helps that the island is a private property, thus not open to the general public. Even if it was, very few Maldivians would even bother trying to get to the island given its remoteness.

Because of its exclusively high end accommodation and recreational facilities, the island is never crowded, which means you can expect some of the most pristine beaches and lagoons as you have ever set your eyes on.

Huvafen Fushi itself translates to dream island in the local Dhivehi language, which is fitting given the natural beauty of the place.

The island is a narrow strip of land that hugs a large lagoon with crystal blue water on one side. It is actually very small and takes a few minutes to from the eastern shore, through the small tropical forest, to the western fringe of the island.

Huvafen Fushi is situated on the North Male atoll and a speedboat transfer takes about half an hour from the main airport. Guests are tetched by the resort’s staff from the main airport in Male.

Who Should Go There?

In one word - couples.

The Huvafen Fushi resort previously accepted any guests, young and old. But it has changed to being an adults only resort. That’s perhaps a disappointment for families that have been vacationing there and were planning a return visit.

However, if you are a couple looking for a quieter holiday destination to enjoy a nice romantic holiday at, the new adults only designation is great news.

Then again the resort’s management must have thought long and hard about this decision and obviously realised it was good for business. 

But when you think of it, this particular change makes a lot of sense, as the island’s remote location is great for couples looking for seclusion, and perhaps not that appealing for couples holidaying with children. 

Why the Huvafen Fushi Island is One of the Best Resorts for Your Maldives Honeymoon

For many, going to the Maldives means avoiding destinations like Bali, Cancun, and other popular places people go to get a tan and let their hair down. You won’t find crowds of tourists here, and that is one the island’s biggest selling points.

If you are on a honeymoon, the need for privacy is even greater. Getting your views obstructed by all manner of people frolicking about every direction you look while you sunbathe on the beach is not the most romantic way to enjoy your honeymoon.

Perhaps more a result of their tranquil, out-of-the-way location, the private islands in the Maldives are serenely uncrowded, which is just perfect for honeymooners. 

What you will like about the Maldives is there are some islands that are even more remote and private than may have thought. Besides the added guarantee of your own private stretch of beach, there aren’t many people thronging these islands in the first place. The Huvafen Fushi island falls into that category.

The island is wonderfully excluded, with unobstructed views of the Indian ocean all round. If there is ever a place you and your loved one can feel as if you are the only people in the world, this would probably be it.

Another thing you will appreciate is the service staff is super attentive and helpful. But you never feel like they are always in your face, tagging along everywhere you go. 

The butlers are there when you need them and almost never there when you don’t. That’s almost impossible to achieve, but they have somehow mastered it. 

A long time resident of the resort you will be happy to bump into all day, though, is Chocolate the cat. The cat has been at the hotel for almost the entire time the resort has been open. 

As a honeymoon couple you are just so well taken care of here that Huvafen Fushi has to be one the best all inclusive resorts you can find in the Maldives. 

Some of the Best Water Villas in the Maldives

Your choice of accommodation can be any one of the 43 beach, lagoon, and ocean bungalows available on the resort. 

All bungalows have private pools, fine furnishings, and room service, thanks to your own personal butler. The rooms, from the 1-bed overwater bungalows to the 3-bed deluxe beach villas, are spacious, with lots of fresh air and light filtering in.

The bungalows and villas are fully spec’d out, with the best infotainment systems, air conditioning, internet access, en-suite bathrooms, and many other extras. 

On the water, the lagoon bungalows are stringed together on one side of the expansive lagoon to which access, if you care for a swim, is a few steps down from your deck.

However, if you want absolute seclusion you are better off opting for the beach bungalow and pavillion residences. 

Yes, the ocean views are gorgeous, but the lagoon bungalows are too close together and just won’t give you the privacy you desire. Also you are quite far from the resort’s facilities, some of which, like the spa, are on the other side of the island.

The beach bungalows and pavillions, however, offer sensually private spaces with their own stretches of beach space and secluded lounging spaces with comparable views. 

If you don’t plan to spend too much time outdoors then the PlayPen, penthouse style beachside residence should catch your eye. It is chic, fabulously well embellished, with an open plan bedroom that has easy access access to an en-suite play room and sauna area. If the infinity pool it overlooks isn’t much of a view, the ocean views from the bath should do just fine.

Where At Huvafen Fushi Resort Can You Get The Best Food Experience?

The Maldivian cuisine, as you would expect for a country surrounded by the ocean, is heavily seafood based, with almost every local dish incorporating fish in some way.The Maldivian cuisine, as you would expect for a country surrounded by the ocean, is heavily seafood based, with almost every local dish incorporating fish in some way.

But since the resorts service a predominantly international clientele, their menus are decidedly cosmopolitan. Despite that, the resort’s management has been careful to still retain some Maldivian charm in the resort’s food experience. For that you will find a predominantly Maldivian catering staff at the resort’s restaurants.

Having travelled a long way to a private resort, where you won’t find that many opportunities to sample the local cultures, the super friendly local chefs and wait staff will likely be your only real opportunity to experience some local Maldivian charm.

Getting back to the food itself, Huvafen Fushi has been going through a lot of changes lately. One of the more surprising decisions has been the closure of the old, overwater SALT restaurant. 

Returning guests, many of whom considered SALT to be one of the best restaurants in the Maldives, are still trying to wrap their heads around the decision.

The resort’s management will tell you it’s all part of a long term strategic plan. Be that as it may, that decision has alienated former guests who may have been planning a return stay. The Nobu-like, Feeling KOI Japanese restaurant that has replaced it may take some getting used to, but good things have been said of it already.

If you were a fan of the old RAW restaurant, that too has been closed. In your old raw food fix’s place will be a sushi bar. An acquired taste for some, but sushi in an overwater eatery overlooking the expansive Indian Ocean sounds like a good plan. 

Celcius is the main restaurant on the resort. But the food choices there are somewhat predictable, although the service is still exemplary.

To widen your options and enrich your food experience, you may also want to check out the Italian cuisine at the Forno restaurant.

Despite all the changes, the quality of the meals and the service at the Huvafen Fushi resort remains unpretentiously good.

The Underground Wine Cellar Remains Huvafen Fushi Resort’s Enduring Draw

Yes, it’s an underground wine cellar. Some 15 metres below the ground.
The Vinum underground wine cellar, the first of its kind in the Maldives, is the stuff of dreams. Few things are as romantic as a wine tasting in an underground, exclusive wine cellar on an exotic island.

The impossibly gorgeous interiors will wow you, only to be snapped back to the present and taken into another world of discovery by the sommelier’s attention.

The sommelier here has the great job of showing off one of the largest wine collections - 6,000 bottles and counting - in the entire Maldives islands. 

Some time sampling fine wines in the underground wine cellar is a great way to spend a reasonably quiet afternoon. In the evening though, you will want to check out the island’s bars, where you can chat up other couples and enjoy cocktails while listening to some music. 

You have also got to check out the jazzy Umbar bar. But, for some of the best views on the entire trip, you must head out to the KOI Feeling bar at sunset. The sunset views of the ocean from the window tables will take your breath away.

Things You Absolutely Must Do Before Leaving The Huvafen Fushi Resort

Being on your honeymoon, you will not be short of reasons to spend more of your time in your villa and around it than out exploring what else the resort has to offer.

But I urge you to venture out. It will be a shame if you left without exploring the many other attractions available here. 

Being your romantic getaway, a luxury cruise around the islands aboard one of the resort dreamily gorgeous dhoni sailboats is a must-do. The self contained, traditional Maldivian boats are literally a sailing luxurious two-person bungalow.
The World’s First Underwater Spa
You will likely have a lot to rave about once your honeymoon is over and you have returned from the Huvafen Fushi resort. Guess the one attraction that’s unique to the island they will be lining up to ask you about!

That spa, of course.

Why should that be? Well, because this is the world’s first and only underwater spa. Again, that almost sounds impossible to pull off. But they did.

Accessed from the island through a 100-meter wooden pier, the spa sits right on the water, before extending down into the ocean below. 

Getting down into the underwater spa is an entirely unique experience altogether. Well, so it should, because you can’t get the experience anywhere else in the world. 

Be careful though, you may end up forgetting why you are down there in the place and get lost admiring all the colorful fish species and other marine life you will possibly never have seen before. 

Then again, there is possibly a good percentage of people who venture down there with no intentions of actually using the massage treatment beds down there. The views through the spa windows are just utterly awe-striking from down there.

If you do use the treatment beds, though, you will probably wish you had paid half the price and stayed upstairs in the above ground (or should I say, above water) section as the view through the floor is better up there. 

The overwater section of the spa complex has glass floors through which you can enjoy wonderful views of all manner of marine life while the massage therapist is working her magic on your back. If you like that view, you can opt to stay in the ocean bungalow that also have glass floors with similar views on top of the majestic views from all around.

You should like to keep returning to the spa to sample its restorative treatments and the sublime views of the sea life all around, and under you. But for something a little different, you will want to try something perhaps a little more strenuous than yoga, in the overwater gym.

Again, the views from the gym are spectacular. It seems everywhere you are on this island there is a view to lose yourself in. 

Breathtaking ocean views aside, an afternoon spent breaking up a sweat and burning calories picked up from all those exotic lunches and dinners at the the Pump Gym will do your body a world of good.
Lots of Other Fun Activities To Do
Definitely more romantic than fun, a dhoni boat cruise around the islands should be one of your must-do things at Huvafen Fushi. 

If the waters are calm and the sun is out, as it usually is, you can even have the privilege of having dolphins entertain you and your loved one with their synchronized dances through the water as you cruise and take in the vast ocean views.

Maybe not for everyone, but an afternoon spent scuba diving and viewing the marine life around the island is always a treat. There are great diving sites from where you have access to the giant manta ray habitats, as well as the Hambadhu shipwreck and other sites where you can check out the Indian ocean’s incredibly rich marine life.

If that is too adventurous for you, maybe just snorkelling around the reef will suffice. Or if you fancy a dip and don’t want to venture too far away from your overwater villa, you can always take a casual swim in the clear blue waters of the lagoon.

If you are water sports fanatics, the resort has got you more than covered. You have a pick of parasailing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, or kayaking your way into the horizon. Whatever water sport you choose, the wide open ocean will surely be your oyster, if only for the afternoon.

Wrinkles, But Not Dealbreakers

If you have been to the other Maldivian resorts in the same category, the drinks prices at Huvafen Fushi will immediately strike you as overly expensive. 

The service is excellent, of course. But for a resort where nothing can be considered cheap, the resort could certainly have been fairer with their drinks’ prices. It’s not like the drinks are any different from those you will have at the other resorts.

I have found a few reviews that have bemoaned the lack of enough shaded lounging areas on the bungalows’ decks. I have to agree this is an area the management must address. There will be times you want to shelter under a shade and just enjoy the views, and your partner’s company, from your deck.

Since there has been quite a bit of renovations and sprucing up of the bungalows and facilities at the resort, let’s hope adding these shaded lounging areas is also in the plan.

What’s the Verdict?

This time in three words - make the booking.

There are a few places in the Maldives, and anywhere in the world for that matter, where you get such excellent facilities, service, ocean views, friendly and attentive service, great restaurants, loads of fun activities for couples, and this level of seclusion and privacy in the same place. You will have to look around for a long time.

Largely because of the things I have just mentioned above, the resort is not the cheapest. In fact, it is not cheap. Rooms start at $US1,205.

But you will want to budget more for the spa treatments, diving excursions, drinks, lunches and dinners, and the many other fun stuff you shouldn’t leave the island without trying.

In our opinion, Huvafen Fushi is a dream island, and without doubt one of the best resorts in Maldives for your honeymoon.

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