Eriyadu Island Resort - Among the Best Islands for Snorkeling on a Budget

Let’s admit it, everyone has their list of expectations and specific activities they are coming to enjoy in the Maldives. If you are all about the best snorkeling and dive sites, but dont care too much for pampered luxury, then Eriyadu Island Resort will be an absolute treat for you. 

The vibe is chilled and friendly, while the facilities arent anything to scoff at and are measure up favorably with the standards you have come to expect from the Maldives. But you wont have to pay an arm and leg just to book a stay here. Instead, what you discover once you arrive on Eriyadu is one of the best islands for snorkeling in the Maldives islands.

Affordable Accommodation Options 

Accomodation at Eriyadu is clean, elegant, without being overly luxurious. As a result, the cost of staying here is among the the lowest you will find the island nation. The beachfront villas accommodate four guests with cribs provided for the tiny travelers. With direct beach access, watching the coral life is something you can do on your morning stroll.

You are welcomed into the space of scenic beauty by the dancing palm trees, clean lagoon waters, and an attentive staff determined to make your stay as memorable as it can be. Once you arrive, all you need to be working on is the list of fun priorities. The rest is taken care of by the staff while the beauty part is managed by nature itself.

One of the more affordable Maldives resorts, this resort is positioned in the North Male Atoll with all the features you would ever want. If there was such a thing as luxury tropical beach living on a budget, then Eriyadu Island Resort would be how you describe it.

Your Rooms Options

You can either choose Standard or Deluxe Rooms. While the former accommodates 3 guests with beachfront views and balcony, the latter are villas that accommodate the same number of people with an additional terrace and the direct sea view. Both the rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture.

Looking at what you have to pay for the options available, it is no wonder past guests often gush and rank the Eriyadu resort as the best place to stay in Maldives on a budget. There is indeed a reason for all the ringing endorsements. The rooms are a very short swim away from the resorts famed house reef, which, if you are coming for the snorkeling, must be sweet music to your eyes.

What To Eat

The cuisine here can be termed as international, considering the chefs have mastered a wide array of delicacies. Menu options include favorites from the Maldives, Chinese, and Mediterenean cuisines. 

Since the quality and options of the cuisine, and seeing you wont have to stretch the budget to eat here, let us just train our focus on getting selfies with beachside margaritas and moonlit meals. After which, of course, the beach liveliness and all the "connecting with nature" kind of activities, take place. 

What Water Sports Choices Are There?

You can try some amazing water sports for your adrenaline fix. From windsurfing and wakeboarding, flat bottom kayaking and catamaran sailing, to diving, big game fishing and Sunset Fishing, you have it all here. You can also experience a wide range of motorized and non-motorized sports.

Get Your Body and Soul Back in Sync at the Wellness Centre

Yes, it will feel like a dream, or your wildest fantasy. Trust us, though, it is indeed the stuff of dreams, but just one you will actually live through and not be rudely woken from. Eriyadu Island Resort has been built as a holistic approach to wellness. The wellness centre serves you with beauty and herbal treatments to awaken your soul and to give your body a jolt of new vitality. The centre is open from 09 AM to 08 PM.

Want to Cool Off From the Heat of the Afternoon?

Though you get to live in the middle of the blue lagoon, the resort has roped in a small plunge of pool for your convenience. This has a sun terrace, sun loungers and umbrellas for a fancy pool time.

Fun Activities to Keep the Children Entertained for Hours

While you are out snorkeling, there are funny games for your accompanying children to enjoy. From table tennis to small gym, there are ample games within the resort enough to keep them occupied for hours. What’s more exciting is that there is a dedicated kids area that is supervised constantly. Your kids will make friends and and leave the resort with their own memories to last them a lifetime.

Other Must-Try Activities 

With a glass-bottomed boat and turtles walking through, the coral lifestyle you see would make you feel like the pictures of your Travel Pinterest Board are going live. It should be made illegal to talk of a complete Maldives vacation without visiting a dive site.

The area around the resort has some truly spectacular dive sites attracting photographers, divers and marine lovers from around the world. Shielded by an absolutely astounding marine area, the reef here is popular amongst the photographers just for its shape and the lively presence in it. 

Gorgeous Location and Surrounding Scenery to Lose Yourself In

Big magnificent rocks, canyons, caves and some vertiginous overhangs? Honestly, just the incredible scenery of rocks and canyons that are home to all manner of predatory fish species should be anough to take in for one vacation. But you wont get off that easily at Eiyadu. You are challenged to enjoy the full bundle of attractions.

Well, now that should be more than enough for most of us to sprint for our closets, pull down the luggage to pack and rush to book flight tickets. Dont forget the camera, you will need a whole photo album just for this vacation.


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